10 Tools to Make Email Marketing Easy for You

With 306.4 billion emails sent and received every day, it is apparent that a lot of email marketing tools are being used. Emails have an exceptional ROI of $44 for every dollar that is invested. A lot of people find social media relevant for marketing, which isn’t completely false but undermining email marketing is a big mistake for any brand. Remember that you need an email address to access any social media, service, and platform. This makes emails the undisputed leader for digital marketing. Today I am going to list down the top 10 tools to make email marketing easy for you.

Before we start, I would like to tell you that each of the solutions mentioned below have their target audience. Use this list as a reference point for starting your search journey. I will also mention if the respective tool is offering a free plan along with the prices of entry-level plans for your ready perusal:


Mailchimp is the market leader, and it is also known as the freemium giant of ESPs. Mailchimp templates are known for their versatility, and it is ideal for SMEs. You can use the free plan allowing up to 2000 subscribers with 12000 emails sends every month while the paid ones start at $10 per month. It is very easy to use with an extensive email template library. The support is fantastic even with the free plans. 

With the free plan, you will have Mailchimp branding in your message footers, which I think is completely okay against the benefits. It is highly customizable and works well with various e-commerce platforms. It has the largest market share as it is the top pick for SMEs across the globe. You can also integrate your social media accounts for sharing updates over there.


HubSpot is undoubtedly one of the best martech solutions, and it has recently rolled out a free email marketing tool. It is ideal for B2B service-based companies. It offers a drag-and-drop email builder. You can use it with the HubSpot CRM for free, and it allows a great deal of personalization along with powerful automation workflows. It is one of the best combinations with the reporting features, especially if you are an existing HubSpot user. Its CRM also allows you to track all activities using the CRM which is great if you are already using it.

The drag-and-drop type email builder is very easy going even for the first time users but the ability to create custom touchpoints. The good news is that it’s free until the first 2,000 sends a month and you can upgrade to paid plans for as low as $50.


Moosend is a very potent email marketing platform that houses all required features, including powerful HTML email templates and a visuals-based campaign builder. With the AI-enabled transactional emails, it stands out to its reputation as a pocket-friendly email marketing tool. Moosend also offers a discount of 25% for nonprofits on its already competitive pricing. Small businesses with fewer human resources also find it the ideal fit for their operations. You can also sell the software licenses under your brand name as Moosend also provides a white-labelled platform for resellers. The small learning curve makes it easy for resellers to market it as their product without worrying about onboarding and client servicing costs.

Moosend bridges the gap between complex and beginner level tools. It is extremely easy to use yet it hosts advanced technologies like AI-based smart recommendations. Even with the $10 plan/month plan, you’ll get access to most of its features.


If you are an e-commerce Store, Omnisend is the best platform for you. It caters to all the integration requirements for e-commerce, including Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads, along with Messenger and WhatsApp. By combining this with push notifications and SMS for mobile devices, Omnisend extends a complete ecosystem solution with emails. Even the email template library is fine-tuned for online retailers.

Its email templates are focused on driving eCommerce sales be it cart abandonment or product recommendation messages. You can also integrate it with loyalty programs and helpdesk software solutions. The Pro plan sits as $199/month for 10,000 contacts which makes it a bit pricey choice, but it’s go-ahead if you are looking for a dedicated eCommerce marketing solution.


In the blogging community, ConvertKit is a popular tool to send out content on a regular basis, hassle-free. It focuses on developing personal brands, and it supports text-only messages. If you are looking for driving engagement without exploring more creative options, it could be your go-to tool.

The plain text emails are at par with the HTML ones technically, but the poor UX makes ConvertKit a misfit for most businesses. Its emails look very personal as they appear manually typed in first sight. The deliverability is naturally higher for its text-based messages and if you are looking for personal branding only, its a green signal.


SendinBlue is made for firms thriving on transactional email communication. It has class-leading automation capabilities and is considerably better at compliance, especially for the EU. All its 70 responsive email template designs are beautifully crafted. You can also create landing pages along with using the CRM and A/B Split Testing to optimize your campaigns. SendinBlue also allows you to render your designs. It comes with a free plan while the paid plans start at $39. (for Essential and $66 for all access premium plan.)

SendinBlue doesn’t have the most powerful features but transactional emails coupled with API support makes it a good deal if your business has an overwhelming correspondence load. The good news is that the free plan gives access to a lot of features including workflow editor, A/B Split Testing, and segmented recipient lists. SendinBlue also gets a decent deliverability rate and the configuration panel is also among the most sophisticated ones on the list.


MailerLite offers a great value for money proposition for personal projects. It is a good fit for almost all purposes, and it comes with a rich text and photo editor. It’s free for up to 1000 contacts / 12000 emails a month. The paid plan starts at $10 per month. It also is ideal for sending bulk emails. MailerLite supports previews and is ideal for sending bulk emails.

MailerLite is a steal deal with the responsive landing page builder tool, campaign reports, split tests, along with a drag-and-drop editor. For the price being, you just can’t ignore MailerLite.

Zoho Campaigns

Nobody does it better when it comes to developing solutions for small businesses, and Zoho Campaigns lives up to the mark. It comes with a free plan accompanied by paid plans starting at $6 for up to 500 email list subscribers. Even with the free version, you get A/B Split Testing, free email templates, personalization, and reporting features. If you are already using Zoho CRM, you can make full use of its personalization features. 

The learning curve for Zoho Campaigns is considerable while you will need to tune it up before rolling out your first message. It allows you to create user-defined fields and user-defined tags which helps customization significantly.


Drip is another email marketing tool that e-commerce retailers can count upon. You can integrate it with Shopify, and it allows a great degree of customization. You can personalize the messages sent to your subscribers while the conversion tracking feature is the real game-changer. It’s free to use for the first hundred subscribers with paid plans starting at $41 with 2500 subscribers a month. 

Drip has both text-based and visual template builders. The message personalization feature is one its USPs for the online retailers as it delivers detailed analytics.


Mailjet is great for real-time team collaborations, and it offers great integration capabilities. It takes testing one step ahead as you can test up to 10 different versions of an email. It is indeed the most versatile offering when it comes to flexibility as you can use Mailjet itself, API integrations, or even code your email campaigns. Its free plan covers 100 thousand contacts with up to 6000 emails a month and paid plans to start at $7.49/month.

Features like dynamic content fields,  A/X testing, and campaign comparison tool along with support in multiple coding technologies make it a fine offering. I also find its customer support one of the best in the industry. 

Ending Notes

I have included various email marketing tools based on their utility for different organization types. Having the right tools will make email marketing fruitful and easy as each of the tools mentioned above has its own target user base. While selecting the right email marketing tool for your firm, run small competitor analysis and go for the free plans first. That will help you gain hands-on experience of how the tool fits in your organization. I hope this article on the top ten email marketing tools is useful for your solution finding journey. 

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