A Guide to Choose e-Learning Content That Scales with Your Business

An increasing number of businesses, governments, and educators are looking for suitable e-learning content solutions to support their training needs. Companies like janison.com have taken leaps and bounds in creating and distributing e-learning content among them. Good content can provide a perfect learning platform for your employees, who can develop skills to scale up your business.

If you invest time in exploring and selecting the right e-learning content for your business, you will be able to align it with your company outcomes and use them accordingly. Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing e-learning content that scales with your business.


Most importantly, examine the type of content you want to provide to your employees. Does it aim at solving problems? Does it focus on certification, licensing, or regulatory compliance? Are you looking for macro-learning for your business? Understand your course objectives and choose the content type accordingly.

Content Features

Many e-learning content types are designed to meet the needs of big-scale businesses. Hence, their components and features may not be appropriate for small-scale businesses. Therefore, identify the elements you need in your e-learning content and choose the one that your employees will be able to relate with and learn quickly.

Content Development

The next thing to consider is how the content is developed. In-house content creation is expensive and complex. You can hand over content development to specialists who can create and update your e-learning content as per your specific company needs.


If you are a small business owner, the budget will be a significant consideration for you. While selecting e-learning content for your business, get an idea of its price, and assess its worth for your investment.

Also, understand how many members a particular content package can handle, and is it sufficient for your present business needs? Will it be able to suffice if you scale up in the future? The content you choose should not only meet your current content needs but should be sufficient to satisfy your growing demands as well.

Customer Service

When it comes to e-learning, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the customer service offered by the content creator. It must provide content access to your employees 24×7 so that they can refer to it at their own convenient time and place. It should be available to them whenever they are in need of it.

That being said, customer support provided by the company is of utmost importance. Remember, customer service can make or break the purpose of having e-learning content. So, don’t forget to consider this factor while choosing content.

Now you know what factors you must look for when selecting content for your e-learning program. With this knowledge, selecting the right content will no longer be a difficult job. Just look for a reliable content provider like janison.com who can offer customized content solutions that can scale with your business needs. Ensure that the content they provide is cost-effective as per your budget and is well suited to your business size and type.


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