Is Tort and Personal Injury Law the same?

Many times, tort and personal injury law are thought to be the same thing. However, there are important differences between them. Let’s have a look at what they are.

Tort Law

This is the area of law that is related to the majority of civil lawsuits. Its main concept is to redress a wrong done to someone by providing them relief from this wrongful act. The relief is achieved through monetary damages that are granted as compensation. These wrongs are not criminal nor are they based on a contract.

What are the most common types of torts?

The majority of torts are accidents. These may include, among others, car accidents, people slipping and falling in commercial establishments as well as damage that is done to property, such as what happens when someone throws a ball and a window is broken. Other types of torts are related to damage that is harder to quantify such as damage to a personal or business reputation.

Are there different classifications of torts?

Yes, and here are some of them:

Intentional Torts

These are actions that are done on purpose in order to cause an injury. Examples include slapping someone or saying untrue things about them.

Unintentional Torts

They are accidents that, by definition, happen when someone is not careful. They are related to negligence and recklessness.

Physical Torts

These are injuries to someone’s body.

Abstract Torts

Injuries to person’s property, mind, or reputation.

Strict Liability Torts

No matter whether you are careful or not, if you get injured through a product that is defective, the manufacturer will have to pay.

Other torts involve people or property. Either by saying things about people that are not true or controlling where they go or by entering a property where they are not allowed, taking it without permission or damaging it.

Personal Injury

A personal injury claim refers to an act that someone caused through negligence or by not taking proper care of someone else. Additionally, personal injury can be classified as:

Strict Liability

This area of law holds designers and manufacturers responsible for injuries caused by their products which are defective. In these cases, the point is to prove that the product’s design or manufacture made them unreasonable dangerous even in cases when people use them as they are meant to.

Intentional Wrongs

These cases are not as common, and they relate to actions that result in a personal injury done on purpose. It may be a practical joke that went wrong or a store manager that accuses you of shoplifting when you did not do so.

Get the Legal Help You Need To Recover your Damages from a Tort or a Personal Injury

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