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How to Properly Maintain Your Sofa

Do you have kids inside your house who just eats anywhere and touch the sofa without washing their hands? Or you probably had a moment where you accidentally tripped and had food scatter all over the place. Although it’s good to clean the stains off your couch, it is still better to maintain it to prevent damage. Here are six tips on how to properly maintain your sofa.

  • Keep your sofa away from the sun.

Just like human skin, direct sunlight can also be harmful to sofas. It damages not just to sofas but other furniture as well. Avoid placing your sofa near open windows. You have the option to draw blinds when the sun peaks through at noon or afternoon. If you are not a fan of closed blinds, you still have other options, such as covering the sofa with stain protection or have the pillows cover the seats. A sofa cover will help minimize the accumulation of stains or damages, especially when people would come over to your house. This can also give your sofa an aesthetic look that improves the entire room’s ambiance, especially if you have the ones from Chesterfield Sofa Company.

  • Regularly vacuum your sofa.

Did you know that dirt from your sofa can actually affect the air surrounding you? Vacuuming the sofa can definitely help you maintain the quality of the air you’re breathing inside the house. Over time, dirt from the sofa can cause damage. It is a wise move to vacuum your sofa at least once a week to maintain cleanliness properly.  Make sure to vacuum all the way from the surface of the sofa to the floor that surrounds it.

  • Spilled something? Wipe it immediately.

One of the most irritating feelings is when you just wanted to drink your refreshing drink, but then clumsiness comes around to greet your sofa a bad hello. Clean the stains right away, and do not give it a chance to leave a mark. Wipe your sofa with a cloth or with a paper towel immediately when something is spilled.

  • Know what you are doing and using.

When you buy a sofa, sometimes they include a manufacturer label that serves as a guide on how to clean your sofa correctly. You have to ask if it includes one, especially if the material used requires high maintenance. It’s important to know what kind of cleaning products are suitable for your sofa. Although not every sofa has a manufacturer label, it’s still better to check on it before doing anything else.

  • Fluff and Flip

Fluffing your cushions is similar to what you should be doing to your pillow if it flattened out. We don’t want to be sitting uncomfortably, right? Cushions usually become hard, and fluffing them can help prevent that from happening. If your cushion is removable, then flipping it from time to time would help maintain your sofa’s quality.

  • Lint rolling

A lint roller is one of the most accessible cleaning materials you can use for your sofas. This can help you clean up loose hairs that tend to show up, especially if your couch is white. If you have a pet inside your house, a lint roller will be your best friend. It will help you clean up small hair from your pets.

Although there are tons of available sofas online and in furniture shops, it can also be hard to look for a piece that suits your taste. If you’re the picky type, you can opt to have a made to order furniture where you can customize the size and features according to your preference.


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