As a would-be bride, planning for the wedding music that could pull your guests onto the dance floor may be on your list of priorities at the moment. So, after a wacky picture-taking time courtesy of a company like photo booth rental buffalo ny, you envision loved ones and best friends drawn to the dance floor after hearing their favorite top hits.

It is a good thing you can get a DJ to spin and weave those hits for you and your guests. And you have asked a prospective DJ basic questions like how much it will cost you to hire him for a weekend wedding. You have talked about the types of music that he will play. But other than these two, you have more questions but hesitate to ask. You think these may be insignificant or shallow.

Never hesitate to ask. Now is the time to bring it out in the open, no matter how trivial. Remember, it is easier to sign a contract with clear expectations. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed the not-so-frequently asked (yet important) questions you should be asking your DJ right now.

Will you wear formal attire on my wedding day?

You and your partner have planned for a strictly formal attire kind of wedding. And you are curious if your DJ will do the same. There is nothing wrong with asking what he plans to wear on your wedding day. Most of them are much more comfortable wearing casual business attire. But if you tell him your expectations this early, like a formal wedding attire for every guest (DJs included), he will adjust to it without qualms.

Do you have a backup in case of an emergency?

A DJ getting sick at a wedding event seldom happens. A professional will prepare himself when weddings are just around the corner. He will not want to disappoint clients like you. So days before the wedding, expect him to be in tip-top shape as always. However, there is a tiny bit of possibility that he won’t make it. He could have the flu or experience a crisis that could prevent him from DJing as planned.

Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare for an event, surprises are bound to happen. And DJs are not exempted from life’s little surprises. Don’t hesitate to ask about what he will do if the inevitable happens, leaving him unfit to DJ on your big day. A professional DJ will have a ready answer. He may have a team member who can sub for him. If he does, don’t forget to ask for details about his alternate.

How efficient are your speakers?

This question may sound technical, but the bottom line is you want to know if his equipment can handle the size of your wedding venue. When you have close to 500 guests on your wedding day, chances are he will tell you that he will bring in a subwoofer and two speakers. A subwoofer is a special speaker that handles a musical range’s bass or bottom pitch or frequency. It enhances the audio quality of a DJ’s sound system. Subs are great equipment, especially if he plays bass-heavy dance and hip-hop music at your wedding party.

Usually, an experienced DJ will assure you that he will ensure that the equipment he will bring will be tailored-fit to the number of guests and the size of your venue. His two 15-inch speakers plus a 15-inch subwoofer will do well for a wedding venue accommodating about 500 people. If you are having a grand wedding with guests twice this number, he might opt to bring in two to three 15-inch subwoofers and his two speakers. In a nutshell, the bigger the venue and the larger the crowd, the more speakers he should bring in.

Are you a talking DJ?

Apart from having great equipment, a great DJ must have extensive experience delivering the right spiels. His role includes making announcements, offering a toast, or shifting from one activity to another (like when it is time for the couple to do their first dance or dining is about to begin). So to set your expectations, you must ask him if his services include playing the role of an emcee.

A good DJ will talk with the guests. He is a DJ, an emcee, and an entertainer all rolled into one. He will want to interact with guests. It is his way of motivating them to go to the dance floor. He does not want an empty dance floor. He likes it filled with guests dancing the night away. Besides, a lively, talking emcee, like disc jockey buffalo ny, makes the party more exciting. If you are looking for a good DJ, first search with dj services near me and shortlisted them after contacting them personally.

How do you handle song requests?

Throughout the music playing, some guests can request a favorite song. You want a free-for-all vibe to the music playing at the wedding hall. It is especially true when it is time to hit the dance floor. Ask him how he will react to song requests that are not on his list. Is he okay with a lot of song requests? How does he prepare for these? On the other hand, you and your partner will want certain music played at a predetermined time or phase of the party. Ask him how he will postpone song requests while your string of songs is playing.

Asking a potential DJ about these seemingly unimportant (but very significant) concerns will set clear expectations of him. It may seem awkward to ask about his attire or about subwoofers and speakers, but then again, it is your wedding. As much as possible, you want every little detail known.

A reputable DJ is comfortable with these sorts of questions thrown at him. Don’t be afraid to ask.

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