Why Learning the English Language is Important

English goes back to medieval England. The vocabulary of English comes from Germanic languages, specifically Old Norse, Latin, and French Latin. English has been evolving for almost two thousand years and continues to change daily.

If you want to learn English, there are many websites for English tutoring. Nowadays, English tutoring on the internet is more widely used than teaching in person. This fact is particularly ironic because English is the most used language on the internet. Around 50% of the entire internet is in English. This is partly because of the language’s convenience and ease, and partly because those who developed the internet widely since its founding were American.

English is Universal

English is the number one language in today’s world. Although more people speak Chinese and Spanish, English is the language of business. Because many of the world’s businesses are headquartered in the UK and USA, English is the language of international trade around the globe. If you want to enter the global workforce, brush up on your English with English tutoring lessons and practice speaking it with your friends. Cross-border communication is often conducted in English. It is the dominant business language around the globe.

English is the native language of most people living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. It is used in the Caribbean, Africa, and South Asia widely. It is a co-official language of the United Nations and a co-official language of the European Union. It is, therefore, one of the most practical languages in the world to learn. When you travel to all these countries, English will be used. In the meantime, learning languages in preparation is helpful, and you can Get a PSLE English tutor now.

Many people around the globe understand English. In France, children have to learn English since they are young—almost everybody understands English. In the Philippines, most people speak and understand English, much like the rest of Asia, excluding China. In Central America, although everybody speaks Spanish and a wide variety of people understand it, you can get by in English. Many people know the most basic phrases for travellers. The same holds true in many places on the African continent, also colonized by the British.

English can change your life. You can learn other languages more easily when you speak English. This is because many of the root words of English come from other languages. The Romans, the Vikings, and the French have helped shape the culture of Modern English as we know it today. Latin, Germanic, and Romance words comprise English. It is, therefore, logical that it will be quicker for you to learn many other languages if you know how to speak English.

Most movies around the globe today are in English. This is due to Hollywood and the influence of the UK and the US on many cultures. While you will find music in thousands of languages, English is the de facto language of movies. Although there are subtitles for English movies in every language out there, it is still best to enjoy the film’s original language. Things can get lost in translation.

Why Take English Classes Online

When you take an English course online, you can have your own schedule and take it from anywhere. Dozens of English learning centres can help you perfect the language and are found in most countries around the world and are extremely accessible.



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