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How to Use Indoor Plants in Home Decoration

When it comes to home decoration, the pictures of the dining table, kids’ beds, sofa, TV cabinet all start lingering around in our minds. But are you aware that modern home décor trends have got something more for you? The minimalist approach of modern home decoration today focuses more on incorporating greenery inside.

Now, a home stuffed with the only furniture is no more impressive. Most homeowners today prefer infusing their home décor with lovely green plants. So if you also desire to add life to your home follow these home décor tips for placement of plants. Also, you should study the ideal temp and humidity for grow tent for the proper growth of your plants

Why Use Green Plants for home décor?

  • Using green plants at home improve indoor air quality.
  • Placing green plants in corners of the home is said to boost physical and mental health.
  • Indoor plants help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension.
  • Green plants improve sleep patterns.
  • Placing plants inside the home reduces the indoor temperature level.

How to do Home Decor with Indoor Plants

Just because you have been inspired by some magazine pictures, you cannot bring indoor plants home and create clutter. Rather you need to work thoughtfully. Firstly, assess the available space in your home and then bring selected plants to beautify your space.

Read on to find some inspiration on home décor tips for the placement of plants.

  1. Balcony:

Balcony is one of the most relaxing spots in your home. It is a gateway between your home and nature. The flow of fresh air seeping inside your home and the ruffled nature infuses your home with nature’s freshness. So whether your balcony is big or small it needs attention.

You can transform your balcony into a better space with thoughtful use of plants in it. Hang some plants to add beauty to your balcony garden. You can also affix a shelf or a shoe rack to grow plants. Similarly, there are some more ideas to create a perfect balcony garden:

  • Make a vertical garden on one side of your balcony and keep one small wooden table and a chair on the other side to enjoy the view.
  • A swing with a coffee table and green plants around make a happy place in spacious balconies.
  • Faux grass patch with a wicker sofa definitely creates a conversation space.
  1. Living Room:

The living room is a commonplace where you are likely to gather with your friends, family members, and guests. As such, this is an important area of your home. How you keep and use it radiates your personality and style. So it is up to you how you want to keep it. If your living room is small and cannot accommodate a big plush sofa, dining table, or chairs, then consider using shelves to put indoor plants on display. This will ooze elegance and will add vibrancy to your space. For living room plant decoration use the following ideas:

  • Use bonsai plants as they occupy less space and are captivating to look at.
  • Deck up the corners of your living room with plants like Areca palm, Triangle Ficus, Peace lily, Norfolk Island Pine, Rubber plant, etc.
  1. Bedroom:

The bedroom is a relaxing spot. Therefore, you want to fill it with a comforting vibe that lets you rest and fall asleep worry-free. For a blissful sleep using plants in the bedroom serves to be an effective option. Using the small indoor plants fills your bedroom with a refreshing ambiance.

  • For placing plants use the window sill, front of the dressing table, bedside table, or space above the bed.
  • You can also enlighten corners in your bedroom by growing indoor plants.
  • Plants like lavender, gerbera daisy, jasmine, gardenia, and English Ivy are considered suitable for the bedroom.
  1. Kitchen:

Plants can also be used to liven up your kitchen space. The kitchen plants will pull double duty in beautifying your space and providing you edible herbs. Here are some ideas for kitchen planting:

  • Adorn your kitchen windowsill with small potted plants.
  • Hang planter through a rod to grow some useful herbs.
  • Add strong-smelling flowering plants such as jasmine. This enables you to keep your kitchen fresh and odor-free.
  1. Bathroom:

Surprisingly, you can also decorate your bathroom with beautiful indoor plants. Some plants thrive in low light, warmth, and humidity. Therefore, you can easily grow plants in your bathroom. Ideas for incorporating green plants in your bathroom:

  • Chinese evergreen plants are handy options to decorate your bathroom.
  • Place plants around the washbasin, along the windowsill, beside the bathtub, or on the shelf.
  • For small bathroom spaces use potted plants.
  • For bigger bathrooms add instant charm with bigger plants.
  • Orchids, Golden Pothos, spider plants, Boston Fern, Bromeliads, Aloe Vera, etc. are suitable to be used in the bathroom.

Using plants in the bathroom fills you with positivity and radiate energy. It is an ideal way to breathe life into your space.

  1. Dining Table/Coffee Table:

When in doubt, use your dining table, coffee table, or study table to place plants. A splash of greenery will add cheerfulness to your space. Cute Jade plants, enchanting succulents, interesting terrariums, cacti, or charismatic birds of paradise are recommended to decorate your coffee table or dining table. These plants will infuse a splash of color to your dull and plain furniture

Final Words

Hence, opting for these tips will help you opt for healthy living where plants hold an important share. Indoors plants are versatile and can be used in multiple ways to lend your home a refreshing vibe and ambiance. However, with so many plant varieties there are endless possibilities. Use green plants to add a splash of color and accent to your home. Besides this, indoor plants also contribute to a welcoming décor.

So if you want your home to stand out incorporate greenery in it. Decorate your home and fill its dull corners with fresh and lively green plants.



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