7 Powerful ways to burn fat and boost your energy levels

A healthy lifestyle might differ between individuals as some might see it as a disease-free state, adhering to an exercise schedule, or following a medication plan. Fundamentally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle ensures that you achieve optimal physical and mental function. Although numerous factors might affect your health status, physical activity, and diet play a critical role in the quality of your life and health. A nutritious diet and regular exercise will help you manage weight, prevent chronic illnesses, decrease your stress levels, and increase the length of your life.

Most healthcare practitioners and fitness experts agree that abdominal fat is dangerous to an individual’s health and are stubborn to burn. Here is a brief insight into seven ways you can lose abdominal fat and move one-step closer into getting a full abs transformation.

Training routines.

Experts state that physical activity done regularly prevents weight gain via increasing the metabolic rate that burns calories. Cardio, resistance exercises, high-intensity training, and core exercises constitute physical activities known to enhance abdominal fat burning. Research indicates that cardio exercises, such as brisk walking rowing and running carried out for at least 200 minutes per week, effectively strengthen abdominal muscles.

Since dieting causes muscle mass loss that can slow down the metabolic rate, you should engage in resistance training. Such a routine will decrease the rate of muscle waste that will promote the maintenance or increase of your metabolic rate. Additionally, resistance training alone or in combination with cardio tightens your midsection. Exercises such as crunches and planks focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles, losing calories, and enhancing your posture.

Resistance training helps increase strength and build muscle by lifting heavyweight. You can get most out of a strength training routine by using the best dynamine supplement to increase energy. For instance, a study on 78 patients with metabolic syndrome indicated a decrease in visceral fat. A review indicated strength training boosts the metabolic rate by up to 7%, enhancing burning fat.

High-intensity training is increasingly becoming popular and effective in decreasing abdominal fat. The exercise involves carrying out intense physical activities like sprinting, jumping, or rowing, with short breaking intervals. High-intensity exercises can boost your metabolic rate and help you burn more fat compared to other physical activities. Furthermore, a case study indicated a 17% decrease in abdominal fat for young men that performed high-intensity training for a minimum of 60 minutes per week while maintaining their lifestyle and diet.


Research indicates that a good night’s sleep of up to 7 hours promotes a decrease in weight by 33%. The six-month study was conducted on 246 women indicating a correlation of sleep quality and weight loss. Additionally, sufficient sleep might be linked with decreased hunger and appetite, thereby lowering the risk of gaining weight. Therefore, you should avoid using electronics and taking caffeine before going to bed.


Some digestive system bacteria have numerous health benefits, such as improving immunity, health status, and controlling body weight. Probiotics are available in food and can assist you in burning abdominal fat. Lactobacillus is a bacterium genus that has aided in fat and weight loss. A study comprising 28 people ingested yogurt made from the bacterium genus mentioned earlier experienced a 4% body fat reduction.

Boost Iron intake.

Iron is one of the essential minerals that play a vital role in your body functioning. A decrease in iron intake can interfere with thyroid function and the synthesis of thyroid hormones that control metabolism. Iron deficiency causes manifestations, such as headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. Therefore, increasing the intake of iron helps maintain or improve metabolism and the level of activity.

A study on 21 women treated for a deficiency in iron revealed a marked reduction in their body mass index, waist size, and body weight. Additionally, it will help you increase your energy levels and reduce fatigue. Foods such as cereals, meat, dried fruits, green vegetables, and beans are rich in iron.

Increase fibre and protein intake.

Food rich in protein such as meat, eggs, and seafood can lower your body weight and appetite. Research indicates that protein intake aids in preserving metabolism and muscle mass when experiencing weight loss. Furthermore, protein promotes the feeling of fullness, which can decrease your calorie intake and appetite. Similarly, soluble fibre prolongs the fullness and slows down food movement in the gastrointestinal tract.

A high-fibre diet has proven to decrease belly fat in study participants up to 3.7% for 1144 individuals. You can reduce abdominal fat to a greater degree if your diet incorporates nuts, legumes, fruits, and seeds. Additionally, you should cut down on sugar and refined carbohydrates as research indicates they promote hunger and visceral fat accumulation.

Choose healthier beverages.

It would help if you swapped sugar-containing drinks with healthier selections such as beverages with apple cider vinegar (ACV), green tea, and coffee. ACV has numerous health benefits, such as fat burning and decreasing blood sugar levels. A study indicated ACV cab reduces appetite, waist size, body weight, and promotes fullness. Coffee and green tea contain a stimulant called caffeine that enhances metabolism, fatty acid breakdown, and energy expenditure for a short period.

Beverages such as soda and alcohol contain high quantities of calories that predispose the higher risk of accumulation of visceral fat. Therefore, you should swap these beverages for water and green tea. A controlled study that lasted for 12 weeks indicated that drinking water promoted weight loss by 2 kilograms. Another study at the University of Utah, where one group consumed four fewer cups of water daily, reported a decrease in metabolic rate, which correlates to slower fat burning.

Include healthy fats in your diet.

It might sound absurd to include fats into your weight loss diet, but healthy fats prevent an increase in weight and promote fullness. Since fat is digested slowly, it decreases gastric emptying, which reduces hunger and appetite. For instance, research indicates that consuming a tablespoon of coconut promotes faster loss of abdominal fat. However, you should limit healthy fat consumption since it contains high amounts of calories.

Besides, you can include fatty fish in your diet because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. These two constituents promote weight loss and lessen fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity and fat.

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