Clothing is much more than just a protective barrier from the elements. It is a medium of expression for one’s self and their notion of aesthetics. This quality is what makes clothing unique. Each person has a uniquely different approach to it. While one likes wearing Jaase tops with pants, another might prefer it with an African maxi dress and skirts with colorful prints. The combinations to wear a piece of clothing and its possibilities are endless.

Some of the famous styles that are still in vogue are:


The vintage style reflects the fashion of a by-gone era. Vintage acts as an umbrella term for all old fashions. It conventionally refers to dressing that ranges from 50-100 years old. For a dress to be considered vintage, it has to have some features of the dresses from the previous ages. Today, vintage has been fused with modern aesthetics to make it appealing to the Millenials.

A few famous examples of vintage fashion would be;

  • Flapper dresses, Mary janes – 1920s
  • Puffed sleeves, Fedoras, Peep-toe shoes – 1930s
  • Flair jeans, boho dresses – 1970s
  • Chokers, Flannel shirts, leggings, and oversized sweaters – 1990s


Casuals are clothing that mainly focuses on the comfort of the wearer. One can attempt to define it by what it is not. For example, It is not clothing that would be considered appropriate to places with strict dress codes. Consider it as clothing that is comfortable but at the same time elegant too.

Jaase tops come under the category of casual wear. It reflects the breezy feel of Sydney beaches in Australia, and It has no limits. You can pair it with anything as there are no rules to be followed like workwear. Casual wear can be functional as well as comfortable to wear.


This is clothing that was born out of a music style. Yes, the grunge music that was around in the 1980s inspired this fashion trend. The emphasis was on over-sized clothing that symbolizes a care-free, no limits attitude. Some of the popular grunge clothing pieces are:

  • Leather jackets
  • Flannel shirts
  • Crop tops
  • Ripped jeans, mom jeans
  • Baggy sweaters and beanies
  • Fishnet stockings and long boots


The word has come to mean a combination of elegance and a tinge of casual. It is widely used to mean something cool. It is one of those words that it used without completely knowing what it means. Chic represents smart and sophisticated clothing that is generally appropriate for the work environment.


It is more than a style of fashion. It symbolizes an entire lifestyle that followed the attitudes of the hippie generation. But specifically in fashion, it means beautifully artistic clothing. They are casual clothing that is often paired with a variety of women apparel & accessories.

The vintage-fashion philosophy embraces the laid-back, quirky side of life. It is comfortable, at the same time, individualistic. Each person wears it differently and makes it their own.

The vintage elements that can add colour to your wardrobe are:

  • A wide colour palette
  • Lace tops
  • Mixed prints
  • Prairie blouses
  •  African maxi dresses and skirts with colorful prints


Clothing is an element that adds colour to a person’s life. They find solace in the fact that they can express themselves, their ideas, and their likes and dislikes through wearing clothes that reflect them. It is what makes it unique and individualistic, no matter what style it is.



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