How Can a Houston Sex Abuse Lawyer Help You Get Justice After an Assault

A sexual assault affects not just the body of the victim but also their mind, heart, and loved ones.

Although Houston is considered a safe and friendly city, it doesn’t escape having a few such incidents. Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office recorded over 10,000 cases of sexual assault over a 3 ½- year period ending February 2019.

Worse, only 40% in HPD cases and 10% of the Sheriff’s Office cases saw charges being pressed. This suggests a lack of faith in getting justice for the crime. Houston sex abuse lawyers strive to ensure that sexual assault victims get their due justice.

How They Can Help

Sexual assault is a very traumatic and debilitating experience, so you should first get all the medical help you need, including mental health. You’ll need to file charges against the perpetrator to get them locked up and get all the due compensations you deserve. Houston sex abuse lawyers can help you in every step of the process.

Preliminary Advice

The shock of suffering from a sexual assault can render the victim’s and their loved ones’ cognitive abilities dysfunctional. Criminals use this to get away from being explicitly caught.

Your lawyer will work to combat this situation. They will be experienced and proficient in advising you about the moves to be made to prevent the criminal from escaping justice by taking advantage of your ignorance/shocked state.

Collection Of Evidence

The police will conduct the necessary investigation once the assault has been reported. Your lawyer will continuously communicate with them to ensure that all of the evidence required to build the case is recorded.

They might even investigate their own if needed. Lawyers will also be sometimes required to legally push the police to keep them on their toes regarding the perpetrator’s investigation and arrest.

They will need to communicate with any medical staff to treat you and get a complete list of evidence.

Updating You on All Applicable Laws

Texas has very harsh laws against sex offenses. A convict can face anything from fines to lifelong prison sentences depending on the nature of the crime. It puts many deviant sexual acts like public exposure under the sex offense list.

To ascertain the nature of your crime and what charges are applicable on the list of sex offenses according to Texas laws, you’ll need a lawyer to go through all of the evidence and see all the laws that apply to your case.

Suppose the perpetrator is a teen and has an age difference of under three years compared to the victim. In that case, they can be exempt from persecution under Romeo and Juliet Laws and stay off the registered offenders’ list.

They must explain the same to you and where you stand if that’s the case.

Personal Attention and Speedy Process

A public defense lawyer will have too many cases to handle and might not give your case the attention it needs. A private sexual assault lawyer can instead devote all their time to fighting for you. They can attend court when you can’t and argue well to get you speedy justice.

A sexual assault can deal a big blow to anyone, but a Houston Sex Abuse Lawyer can help bring back the light of life in the city for such victims.


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