Why Do You Need a Westchester Personal Injury Lawyer After a Construction Site Accident?

Westchester is the fastest growing city in New York with an increasing number of development and real estate projects. It houses most of the recent construction projects in White Plains. The construction sites are more prone to accidents, as the workers have to deal with heavy machinery and perform duties at elevated heights and risky angles.

If you fall victim to any such accident, your insurance policy will only care to cover your medical expenses. You have all the rights to be fully compensated in such a case, and that’s where a Westchester personal injury lawyer steps in. Here are all the reasons why you will need a personal injury lawyer after a construction site accident.

Cover All Sorts of Accidents

There are increased incidents of construction accidents in New York City. Accidents occur due to multiple reasons like – unsafe working conditions, lack of supervision, lack of safety equipment, or defective equipment.

Hiring a personal injury attorney will assure that you get fully compensated for any of these on-the-job injuries. These can be any injuries resulting from machinery, building collapses, explosions, electrical accidents, falling objects, etc.

Fight for Your Rights

As a construction worker in Westchester County, you might be discouraged to face big companies and may unwillingly settle for a small amount. Hiring a Westchester personal injury lawyer will restore your confidence. Your lawyer will be by your side when you fight for your rights.

Sometimes, the company might claim that a particular accident resulted from the worker’s negligence and might get away. That’s when your personal injury lawyer will outsmart their claims with supporting facts questioning the company’s lack of supervision and worker’s training.

All Round Compensation

In some cases, the injury might be severely fatal and lead to permanent disability or death. Especially, working on the tallest buildings in White Plains or other construction projects in Westchester County poses a higher working risk of such injuries. Your personal injury lawyer will ensure you are fully compensated for all your losses. An all-round compensation includes:

  • Hospital bills and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages as a result of injury
  • Any disability that may affect your working in future
  • Emotional stress and suffering due to injury
  • Diminished quality of life as a result of injury
  • Compensation to your family in case of death

Your Lawyer Knows the Laws

You may not be fully aware of your rights and the NY laws for workers, but your lawyer is. Your personal injury lawyer is an experienced professional and is well-versed with the state laws. He will lawfully fight for your rights and provide you with all the compensation that is entitled within the state laws.

All you have to do is look for an experienced Westchester personal injury lawyer and explain your case. Your lawyer will make sure that you rightfully demand and get the compensation in case of any accidents.

With rising development projects in Westchester County, the workers need to be aware of their right to compensation in construction accidents entitled under the New York laws.


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