Why Instant Casinos are Trending in the Virtual Gambling World

In contrast to other markets within the gaming industry, online casinos in Canada have made massive gains during the COVID-19 pandemic. With strict lockdown and quarantine measures taking place across the globe, old and new punters are looking to online casinos to provide some semblance of normalcy and fun to their daily lives.

As more punters migrate toward the online space, a significant slice of the demographic are finding that online casinos are much more suited to their needs compared to traditional casinos or betting locations.

Guest author Daniel Bennet shares his views as to why online casinos have soared in popularity in recent months. To find out more about Daniel Bennet, click here.

Reasons For Popularity

When you add COVID-19 into the equation, online casinos are faster, more anonymous, more convenient, and much safer when compared to land-based casinos in Canada. In this article, we take a look at the most compelling reasons for the rise of instant casinos, as well as the online gambling trends that we believe will take the industry to the next level.

Online casinos have witnessed a surge in popularity throughout the world but especially in Canada in recent months. Online gambling trends show that Canadian players enjoy spending time checking out reputed casino review sites like Casino Canada.

Online Casinos are Safer than Ever

While many punters balk at first when it comes to putting in significant amounts of money into their online casino balance, they will quickly find out that the online casino world is a lot safer today with ufa999.

Fly by night online casinos in Canada do exist, of course, but it is easier than ever before to avoid such places due to the hundreds of online casino review sites available. There are also websites such as The Pogg that serve as mediators for disputes between players and online casinos.

Many online casinos today also have gaming licenses from countries such as the UK, Malta, and Curacao, which establish clear guidelines for operations.

As long as you read and understand the online casino’s terms and conditions, it is unlikely nowadays for any online gaming venue to run away with your money.

Online Casinos are More Anonymous

Unfortunately, the days of gambling at brick and mortar locations while remaining anonymous are gone. Canadian casinos today require you to fill up several forms that attest to your identity, eligibility to play, and source of funds before you can get some action.

While casinos promise to keep your personal data safe, several major data breaches have already made headlines. For instance, the MGM Resort’s database was hacked, compromising the data of 142 million guests.

Top online casinos in Canada are harder to hack because they deploy the latest technology to keep players personal and financial data safe at all times.

While online casinos are unable to circumvent Know Your Customer requirements for traditional payment methods such as credit cards or e-wallets, one advantage they have is their ability to take on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, which provide more anonymity than fiat currencies.

In the future, we expect more online casinos to support cryptocurrencies, particularly those that support total privacy such as Monero.

Online Casinos are More Convenient

In previous decades, online casinos required the download and installation of their own software. Nowadays, instant casinos in Canada are the norm. Punters can simply visit their casino’s website, log in, deposit real money, and start playing the games for cash.

With online gambling on the rise, instant play casinos in Canada have also surged in popularity. In contrast to serious punters who don’t mind installing new software to play games, casual punters prefer a more convenient experience that requires as few steps as possible.

The online gambling statistics 2020 has revealed show that online casinos are becoming more popular with casual gamers. This demographic has shown a lower tolerance for the inconveniences of download-based online casinos.

We expect the casino gaming industry trends 2021 will bring will conform to this. As more online casinos cater to casual gamers instead of serious gamers, expect online casinos to be more convenient and easy to pick up than ever before.


Online Casinos Offer the Same Perks, But Faster

While traditional casinos have their own unique charms, online casinos have been working overtime to catch up and they have bridged that gap significantly.

For instance, one of the best parts about playing in brick and mortar locations is the ability to interact with live dealers. Online casinos now feature live dealer experiences that avoid all the waiting around you might have to do in real casinos.

Online casinos also have VIP Programs that reward loyal players in the same ways that land-based casinos reward frequent punters. The key difference is that online casinos can be played from home. You won’t have to pass by hundreds of gaming machines to get to the cashier, or to switch games.

Currently, the only advantage traditional casinos have is their ability to offer comped rooms and perks. When the COVID-19 pandemic ends, we expect online casinos to surpass these perks with exclusive vacation and event offers to loyal punters.


If you are going to play at a Canadian online casino, we recommend playing at a licensed online casino that has a great welcome bonus for you.


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