With December upon us, the weather is chillier than ever, and going outside can seem almost impossible. If you’re like us, you’ll want to stay huddled up in a warm spot for most of the day, so you don’t have to face the freezing temperatures outside. However, you might not be doing yourself as great a favor as you think. The pandemic has altered our routines immensely. Working or studying from home has reduced a lot of mobility in our lives. We must use any free time we have to stay fit and healthy this winter. Not only does this bolster your immune system, but it’s a way for you to get that summer body you’ve been dreaming of for long. However, if you’ve been having trouble sticking to a workout routine at home, we’re here to help. It can often be hard to get the results we want from our home workouts. So, the tips listed below will help you get the most of your exercise routine for the best results.


Not warming up is one of the major mistakes that we make when exercising at home. Warm-ups don’t have to take long, but a few minutes of activity can help you elevate your heart rate. Warm-ups are essential if you want to save yourself from any injuries and if you want to get the best results. You can begin by jumping rope for 2-3 minutes and progress to 30 reps of jumping jacks. Go into 30 reps of high knees, ten lunges on each side, and finish with some squats. These exercises will help you get the blood flowing all over your body so that your muscles aren’t stiff.


Since most of us can’t head to the gym currently, it’s best to have the gym come to us. Exercise machines play a huge role in helping us target all our essential muscle groups. Additionally, they are for maximum efficiency, so they help us achieve the best results. For optimal cardio, consider using a vertical climber. It can help you burn an immense amount of calories in just a few minutes while helping you build endurance. This home workout machine can give you the best total body workout of your life because of its intensity. Thirty minutes on the vertical climber can help you burn 300-800 calories, making it one of the most efficient ways of blasting fat.


Beginners and experts at working out all have a love-hate relationship with the plank. This exercise may seem simple but can be extremely challenging to see through. If building core strength is your main concern, you need to spend as long as you can on planks. Planks can help you work for muscle groups all over your body and strengthen yourself immensely. Furthermore, planks can help you improve flexibility and mobility, as your entire body feels the stretch. You can do various plank variations that can help you tone and strengthen your body better. These can include plank twists, Spiderman planks, or a side plank to help you target your oblique’s better.


HIIT is one of the most effective ways to train, helping you burn away fat while toning the rest of your body. HIIT workouts are easy to do from the comfort of your home, as they often involve only bodyweight exercises. It can also help you target muscle groups all over your body, as you perform a wide range of movements in a short time. From squats and lunges to burpees, pushups, and planks, a HIIT workout has it all. There is no better way for you to sweat it out this winter season than with a HIIT workout. Studies show that a HIIT workout can boost your muscle power by 8% in just a few weeks.


When working out, everyone has different goals in mind. Being fit and healthy remains constant, but our aesthetic preferences can vary greatly. If you’re looking to strengthen your muscles but want a leaner, more comprehensive look, Pilates and yoga may be the pick for you. Inspired by ballet and calisthenics, Pilates can help you elongate and strengthen your muscles while promoting flexibility. However, Pilates’ most important benefits are that it enables you to enhance your mind-body connection. Each movement requires your utmost focus to ensure that you engage your muscle groups with precision. Pilates can help you reach the ‘complete coordination of the mind, body, and spirit.’


The tips listed above will let you make the most of your time at home and help you stay healthy and fit this season. While staying fit is always important, working out in the winter can strengthen our immune system and feel much fresher. The exercises listed above won’t take up too much of your time. Furthermore, they can give you great results in just a short time. Of course, to be healthy from within, you must follow a healthy diet too.


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