Panther Chameleon Feeding: 8 Tips For Healthy Eating

The panther chameleon is a delightful sight with its rainbow colours display. To keep your pet vibrant and healthy, you have to have a panther chameleon care guide. Since feeding is one of the essential aspects of care, we look at five feeding elements.

How Much Do Panther Chameleons Eat?

The amount of food depends on the age and size of the pet. For example, a baby chameleon eats 3 to 5 times daily while a juvenile eats once per day. After they are done growing, they can feed three times a week. If your pet is newly bought, feed a few times to establish a pattern. You can buy them from reputable sellers like You can also get professional advice from a veterinarian.

What Do Panther Chameleons Eat?

The panther chameleon is insectivorous and enjoys various Dubia roaches, crickets, mealworms, super worms, grasshoppers, bean flies, horn worms, and fruit flies.

What Treats Do I Offer?

Worms are tasty for chameleons, and they love morio worms, waxworms, bamboo worms, butter worms, and hornworms. However, offer the worms occasionally or as treats, given that they can cause health problems such as obesity and fatty liver.

What Supplements are Good for Chameleons?

The right diet gives panther chameleons most of their necessary nutrients. However, most captive-bred bugs are high in phosphorous, unbalancing the calcium: phosphorous ratio. Dust the feeder insects with calcium to adjust this ratio. Additionally, vitamins B, C, and D help in antioxidation and calcium absorption.

Why Gut Load?

All feeder insects should be gut loaded before feeding the chameleon. You can achieve this by providing a high-quality diet before feeding. This means that the bugs pass all the nutrients to the pet.


Unlike the bearded dragon, panther chameleons prefer flowing water rather than dish/bowl water. Provide fresh, clean water where the pet can drink, wash, and hydrate. Additionally, chameleons lap up droplets from water plants; position a drip/rain system to form a cascade over plants for your pet’s pleasure.

Lighting and Feeding

Proper lighting helps chameleons to synthesize minerals and regulate eating. Provide a 12-hour light period using UVB light. For maximum benefits, the bulb should be 12 inches from the animal. Additionally, place a branch six inches from the bulb to allow the panther to bask in the glow.

Health Issues Related to Feeding

If you do not follow the panther chameleon care guide, your pets risk some health issues. The most common problem is a metabolic bone disease (MBD), which insufficient calcium causes. Without enough calcium minerals, the panther takes calcium from the bones and weakens them. If not treated quickly, MBD could be fatal.

Stomatitis is also a health issue related to, among other things, poor nutrition. Look out for unbalanced calcium: phosphorous ratio, lack of vitamin C, and low calcium levels. If left untreated, your pet may undergo surgery to remove the infected part.

Feeding is an essential aspect of the panther chameleon care guide. Ensure you follow the above tips for a healthy pet. You can buy your pet by researching and choosing from well-known sellers like In the case of diseases, see a veterinarian for immediate treatment.

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