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When To Hire A Rodent Removal Company

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Rodents are common household pests that can cause a lot of damage and health problems if left unattended. In Huntsville, AL, it’s not uncommon for homes and businesses to experience a rodent infestation. While some people may try to handle the situation on their own, there are several circumstances when it’s best to call in.. [Read More]

7 Most Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Many families aren’t complete until they have a dog. A dog provides everyone in the household with love, affection, and companionship for years to come. However, in households that have kids, there can be risks. Some dogs don’t react well to children, and some kids can be too aggressive when playing and petting their family.. [Read More]

Animal Care’s Countless Benefits

We know that having a pet, especially a cat or a dog, can help you feel less lonely, less stressed, less anxious, and less depressed, encourage you to play and exercise and even improve your cardiovascular health. Children who are around pets may develop into secure, active individuals. For elderly people, pets are a great.. [Read More]

Benefits of Interactive Tug Play With Your Dog

Authored by Athena Nagel Dogs are intelligent and highly vibrant animals but, they can turn out to be dull, inactive, and incompetent without the right types of games. Suffice to say, games are specially required to stimulate your dog both mentally and physically. While there are different types of games to play, tug of war.. [Read More]

9 Best Family-Friendly Pets

We keep pets for many reasons. Some people keep pets for protection, some because they are beautiful to look at, and others because they love how a pet purrs or cuddles up next to them. If you ask anthrozoologist John Bradshaw, he’ll tell you it’s because pet-keeping is an innate part of human nature rooted.. [Read More]