7 Most Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Many families aren’t complete until they have a dog. A dog provides everyone in the household with love, affection, and companionship for years to come. However, in households that have kids, there can be risks. Some dogs don’t react well to children, and some kids can be too aggressive when playing and petting their family pet. While a dog is considered a member of the family, the fact is they are animals. If they are provoked or upset in some way, they could act aggressively. If you are looking for a new dog, here are the seven most family-friendly dog breeds to help make your search easier. Remember to get a GPS Collar to keep your pet safe!

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are known for their gentle dispositions. They love to play and work and are accepting of any kind of living situation. They like carrying things in their mouths and will do so as gently as possible. For instance, a well-trained lab can carry eggs in its mouth without allowing them to break. Labs are very patient with children and will calmly put up with pulling and tugging or aggressive actions from children. Kids like to play with dogs, and a lab is the perfect playtime companion. Plus, labs are very loyal and will protect your children and will be more than happy to snuggle with them for story time or watching the latest animated movie. Here, how common is heartworm in dogs, You’ll have to brush them regularly to keep dirt and debris from building up in their fur.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are known for their loyalty. Not only that, but they have tons of energy and love to play around in groups. They are very friendly to other dogs and kids and will put up with aggressive actions from your children and hard pokes and pulls. Despite their pleasant nature, a Boston terrier will not hesitate to warn off any animals or people that it senses are threatening the children and adults of your family. They are a great option for tiring your kids and protecting the home. 

English Cream Retriever

An English cream retriever, as its name would suggest, is a type of golden retriever. They are incredibly patient and polite and enjoy spending time with their families. An English cream is a delightful addition to the family. They like to entertain and can nap and snuggle with the best of them. English creams, like other retrievers, love to play fetch and other games that involve searching for treasure. Your kids will love playing for hours in the yard with their dog, which will be able to keep up easily. If there are English cream retriever puppies for sale, you can scoop one up to be a perfect addition to the family. 


The beagle is an adorable dog that is energetic and full of fun. They have a lot of spirits and love playing and engaging with people. They aren’t big dogs, meaning they are a little safer than other large dog breeds. They are less likely to knock kids over and cause injury. Beagles love to hunt, and your kids will love playing games of tag or hiding treats in the yard for them to find. One drawback is that beagles bark too much for some people’s tastes. However, this can be a bonus as they are very good at protecting a home. You can also train them to bark less but still bark if they sense danger is present. 


Newfoundlands are one of the biggest dogs on this list. They have long hair and kind eyes. They are very charming, and families love to have a gentle giant around the house to spend time with and offer affection at all times. They are very loyal and will stay attached to their families. That means that your kids will never be far from Newfoundland. They aren’t as athletic as some other breeds on this list, but they love to play and keep your kids entertained for long stretches. They require extra grooming because of their coats but don’t let that stop you if you think a Newfie is suitable for your home. 

Irish Setter

This is a breed that looks great with a red coat and an athletic build. They have a lot of energy and love playing and running around to stretch their muscles. They are friendly and laid back, making them ideal for interacting with kids. They are very smart and trainable, so they will be safe around your children. However, they are prone to close bonding with families and could end up following your kids around for play and protection. They do get dirty because of their type of coat. You’ll have to brush them regularly to keep dirt and debris from building up in their fur. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog is another gentle giant dog that loves kids. They are especially gentle around newborns. They touch and kiss them gently, if at all, and rarely bark and wake them up. They are people-pleasers, making them great to train and for fetching games that will occupy your kids for hours. While a Bernese takes up a lot of space on the couch, they still love companionship and affection and will offer it to you endlessly. The drawback is that they require regular grooming and regular vacuuming because of the amount they shed. 

There are several hundred breeds of dog, and they are not all the same. If you have children in your home, you need a dog that plays and lives well with them. This is a list of some of the best choices that are also some of the most popular but do your research, and you will no doubt find the dog of your and your family’s dreams. 


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