Target Your Nashville Audience with Billboards

If you’re trying to upgrade your out-of-house marketing game, you might be considering looking into renting space for a few Nashville billboards. That will be especially useful if you’re interested in targeting an audience in the city of Nashville specifically. 

But how can you target your audience with your Nashville billboards? And how do you ensure that your Nashville billboards, as well as your billboards in general, truly stand out to potential customers? What should your copy look like? If you’re looking to find more information about advertising on billboards, keep reading.

Personalize Your Design for Your Nashville Audience

If you’re going to spend money on Nashville billboards, it’d be quite the bright idea to make that particular audience feel seen. That means you should focus on copy and imagery that feels specific to the Nashville area if you’re planning on marketing there.

Personalizing your messaging on your Nashville billboards, particularly by using local lingo, things potential customers hold dear, and causes that your target audience considers important, means that you’re significantly more likely to get their attention. And focusing on the target audience doesn’t have to be the only way you personalize your ads.

You can also focus on popular locations in the surrounding areas. For example, if a well-known horse ranch is nearby the location of your billboard, you could refer to those horses. That way, anyone passing by would be able to take notice of your ad, especially because they’re already looking forward to seeing the horses you’re mentioning.

Focus on Your Ad Copy

In marketing, getting down to the nitty-gritty of the individual details can make all the difference to the effectiveness of your campaign. That means that what you write (and what your potential customers will eventually read) will play a big role in the effectiveness of your ads for your company. If you have big goals you want to hit, make sure your copy is clear and concise.

What does that mean? Include the key information you want everyone to take away after having read your ad, like the following:

  • name of your company or business
  • what makes you different or unique
  • a clear call to action for your potential customers to follow
  • the product or service you’re trying to advertise

Having all the key information in your copy will make your messaging feel as clear as possible. However, your copy isn’t just about what you’re going to include. It’s also important to ensure you exclude the content and information that doesn’t add to your messaging.

After all, your potential customers and clients will have an extremely small window of time to read through everything you have to say. They should walk away or drive past with the clear and vital information most important for converting into your sales.

Make Your Messaging Readable

As previously mentioned, the audience of your Nashville billboards will only have a short period of time to read and absorb everything you present to them. Because of that, it’s important to avoid making that content more difficult to digest than is absolutely necessary. How do you do that?

This is a relatively simple idea, and the tips for this are straightforward and easy to follow. When you’re designing your Nashville billboards, be sure to do a few things:

  • make the font as large as possible
  • use a non-serif font
  • avoid replacing letters or words with images
  • include only one picture, simple

By following the above tips, you’re removing all potential barriers that could get in the way of reading. Any passersby will not want to pay attention to your ads if they can help it, as it’s easy to want to ignore billboards and other unwanted ads. But by making your information clear and accessible for them to read, you’re making it much easier for them to leave with your messaging in mind.

Use Bolder Colors, Not Muted Ones

Psychologically, we’re going to be much more likely to see bright and bold colors than ones that are neutral or muted. That’s why traffic cones and emergency signs are neon orange and yellow, for example.

By implementing bold colors into your design, even if every element isn’t comprised of bright colors, you’re increasing the likelihood that potential clients and customers will pay you a bit of their attention. So try to make your copy show up in a contrasting color to your background or create an eye-catching image.

Put Your Billboard on the Right Side of the Road

Regarding billboards, at least for most United States roads, it’s best to aim for placement on the right side of the road. Why is that?

Put simply, drivers will be driving on the right side of the street rather than on the left side. By putting your Nashville billboards on this part, you’re also getting your potential clients closer to your marketing. That not only makes them more likely to see your billboard ad, but it also makes your messaging and imagery easier to see.


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