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How to Treat Heal Hoof Abscess in Horses

We all know the horse is a very faithful and lovable animal. Just like other pets like dogs, cats, cows, etc, you should also take care of your horse health like hoof abscess health. Horse hoof health is also as important as overall health and comfort. If any kind of injury or bacteria goes inside.. [Read More]

Shed Defender Makes Allergies No Longer A Problem

My husband has always wanted a newfoundland and for years I put it off because I was afraid of the allergies and issues.  We did eventually get one – her name is Xena Lee and she is such a wonderful member of our family.  My allergies have been a constant struggle though.  Between she and.. [Read More]

Dogs on the Move: 5 Top Tips for Traveling with Your Dogs

  Traveling with your dogs doesn’t have to be problematic if you’re prepared. Here are 5 top tips to help make traveling with dogs easy for everyone. Americans own roughly 78 million dogs. And most of those dogs are considered part of the family. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many people will want to have.. [Read More]

Get Your Pet Cared for by an Abbotsford Vet

It’s great to have pets like dogs and cats around you because they can be amazing companions. These animals can bring happiness to your home and they can give your kids a sense of responsibility. If your pet is having health issues, you can’t help it but get emotionally affected, right? This is why you.. [Read More]

Fun Facts About Crocodiles For Kids

Crocodiles are amazing reptiles with large teeth and snapping jaws. These features make them a creature that always fascinates people, with the late Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) making the reptile an infamous creature that was widely televised. Now there is a lot more to a crocodile than meets the eye. Let’s find out about.. [Read More]