CBD Dogs – Are These Product Safe for Your Pup?

Medicine is progressing day by day. The scientists recently discovered cures for many diseases. Also, they came up with many incredible discoveries, such as the use of medical marijuana. The benefits of cannabidiol have been known for several years.

After numerous studies, medical experts marked this element with a fairly good safety profile, since the percentage of its side effects is negligible. Scientists proved that CBD is harmless for human use. Is it the same with animals?

A few years ago, scientists discovered that this ingredient could help in treating dogs too. That was a sign for cannabis businesses to enrich their offer with weed products for pups. As seen on https://www.holistapet.com/, today’s market offers all kinds of treats, topicals, chewable CBD, drops, and many other sorts of cannabidiol preparations for pets.

However, some pet owners are still doubtful about the use of medical marijuana. They worry about overdosing and side effects of weed products. The question of the safety of using CBD arises every time people discuss the benefits of medical marijuana.

Know about Cannabidiol

In order to break the prejudices that dog owners have about CBD, they must inform themselves and find out the most important facts about this ingredient. Cannabidiol is not the same thing as marijuana or any other component that makes this plant have ill repute.

The most common misconception that causes people to worry about using CBD oil is that it is related to THC. THC is known to be a psychoactive ingredient that makes marijuana a narcotic substance. THC is illegal, while CBD is approved for use.

Cannabidiol and THC belong to the same group of compounds – cannabinoids. They have a similar chemical composition, and both affect the endocannabinoid system. But because of the different arrangements of the molecules, these two ingredients have different mechanisms of action.

Cannabidiol does not bind at all to receptors in the brain that are responsible for the sense of euphoria (THC does). That is why CBD has no psychoactive but a beneficial effect on health. As the anatomy of both dogs and humans are much less the same, none of them will feel ‘high’ after taking CBD oil. On this page, find out why.

CBD for Dogs Comes from Hemp

For the production of weed products for dogs, manufacturers use plants with a higher proportion of cannabidiol. In these breeds, the amount of psychoactive components is reduced. These are various types of hemp that are otherwise used in pharmacy, and they have nothing to do with cannabis drugs.

Thus, the psychoactive component THC is not present in weed products for dogs. Or it’s found in a minimal percentage that has almost no effect on the animal. Proven manufacturers must display these percentages on the packaging of CBD-based products so that customers know what their pets are taking.


Depending on what your pet is suffering from, you’ll choose among many weed products on the market. The easiest way for a dog to take cannabidiol is through food, so most owners opt for snacks or chewable treats. Manufacturers add all kinds of flavor enhancers to these products, so dogs do not notice the difference.

However, it is far more effective to apply CBD oil in the form of drops, which are given directly to the pet’s mouth. Since not every dog ​​is calm or well trained, owners often have to do different tricks for their dogs to take therapy. So they put cannabidiol in the form of drops or spray into the water or food they give to their pets.

When it comes to treats and drops, dogs can’t overdose. At the websites of CBD pet care manufacturers, you can find tables with prescribed quantities depending on the size and weight of your four-legged friend.

Use of Human CBD Oil in Animals

If you used to take some CBD-based products, and now your pet needs one, you probably wondered if human medications work for animals. The answer to this question may be both yes and no. In principle, administering human medicines to pets is not recommended.

Although both humans and animals have the same system responsible for processing cannabidiol in the body, the needs for this substance are not the same in dogs and humans. Your dog needs a lower dose of cannabidiol than you do. So, it is best to find a proven manufacturer and, in consultation with your veterinarian, get a weed product for your pup.

Whether you doubt the efficacy of CBD pet care products or believe in their effectiveness, a visit to the vet before starting treatment is a must. Each dog has individual needs for cannabidiol, which depend on the disease, but also factors such as age and weight. An expert will recommend proven products and therapy tailored just for your furry buddy.

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