Self Employment In These Uncertain Times

We are all experiencing the uncertainty right now.  The world is going through something completely unprecedented.  In the United States we are taking very drastic measures such as closing all schools, events, gathering places, restaurants, bars etc… Store shelves are bare and we can no longer find anything we want much less need.  We are struggling with the now famous toilet paper shortage.

There is so much that we don’t know.  All most of us can do is take it day by day.  We all have issues to consider.  If you work for an employer – will you still get paid?  Are you still working?  Will you apply for unemployment?  Do you have the option to work from home?

I consider myself very fortunate.  I have a career but I also have my self employment.  But even with all that – I feel like I should have positioned myself better to be more prepared.  Today I am going to focus on self employment.  Tomorrow we can discuss moving forward if you are not self employed.

Self Employment In These Uncertain Times

First and foremost focus on what you know and what you have built.  Whether you are a plumber or a writer – how can you adapt.  Health and safety are critical at this time for your customers, their families, yourself and your family.  There are so many things to consider.  Focus on social distance – maintaining 6 feet at all times between anyone you come in contact with.  Not only is it safer but it provides everyone with a sense of being more comfortable.

No matter what your self employment is – wash your hands a lot!  We have all heard so many times that washing your hands is the most effective thing you can do.  When you can’t – keep some hand sanitizer on you and use it as often as you can when you cannot wash your hands.  Your hands will get dry so before bed use plenty of lotion to moisturize them before the next day.

Depending upon what you do for self employment you may find you need self employment loans.  Some industries will struggle during these times while others may do very well.  Help is not too far away.

If you are unemployed – begin to research things you can do for self employment.  This may be a lengthy shut down.  You may not build a successful self employment option in this short time but you can certainly start to find what you are interested in, take next steps and more.  You can build quite a bit towards a future in 6-8 weeks.


I often search for things I can do as a self employed person.  Anything I have tried has been successful – at least at first.  Sometimes markets change and needs change so you have to be adaptable.  Sometimes adapting may mean walking away.  But what I tell everyone – choose a few things.  Don’t think about why you can’t do them – start making actionable plans and steps to actually do them.

The best thing someone ever did for me was teach me – if you needed to make $1,000 in one week, how would you do it?  How would you make cash fast?  Don’t talk yourself out of it – just start planning!  If you are always moving forward – you will get there.

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