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Learn About CBD for Dogs and Lymphoma

It is a well-known fact that illegal drugs are not very good for your body. They are known as illegal for so many reasons. Some of them inhibit a person’s sense of judgment or even reasoning with others. Others can knock you out like hockey player launching you to the boards. It can even be quite addicting as the feeling of elation and happiness comes with the use. Once this is done, there is an unrelenting sorrow of reality which is why many people come back for more. This drug problem has been around for ages, and many countries have already tried and failed to remove it from their countries. There is one drug though that challenges its illegal status.

Marijuana for Medicinal Use

You all know what marijuana is, right? Some of you might have seen it already in action. You may have used it yourself as well. It seems to be the drug of choice for the younger generation specifically the millennials. One of the reasons is it’s easy to use. You don’t need to inject it directly to your bloodstream or snort it through your nose. All you need to do is light it up and have a great time. It is also said to be very relaxing but can make you hallucinogenic if you have ingested too much. It can also be mixed with food specifically pastries like brownies. Click here for more information regarding this certain application.

However, it has also been found to be very helpful in the medical community. In fact, marijuana has been used that way for a long period of time. Even the Indians have it in their Ayurveda teachings and a tribe in South America uses cannabis for their rituals and healing. It was even said to be very helpful in many respiratory conditions like asthma. Nowadays, people are taking advantage of its psychedelic properties and use it to treat a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders. It is also said to be very helpful with seizures and anxiety issues.

It is to be noted though that not the whole plant can be used as medicine. As you may know, cannabis is made up of a combination of organic material and chemicals. One of these is responsible for the psychedelic experiences. Another one, called CBD is the one used for medicinal purposes. It is entirely separate from other chemicals and collected on its own. There are a lot of CBD products available in the market these days and the most common one is in oil form. Here are some of the others: CBD oil is the most versatile of all the products since it is easy to mix with other substances or used on its own.

However, do you also know that it can be helpful to your pet dog?

Dogs Like CBD, Too

There are only limited studies regarding the effectiveness of CBD to dogs since it can be quite difficult to study them. For one, it can be really difficult to ask the opinion of a dog about his or her new medication. However, most of these studies were actually very positive about the effects of CBD to their pet dog. It helps with calming the dogs down especially in stressful situations like celebrations or loud places.

Some dog owners also claim that it helps seizures as dogs also experience them as well as other neurologic disorders. There are also cases that say that CBD oil affects the lymphocyte cells if the dog has lymphoma. It reduces the symptoms and making it easier for the dog to deal with the sickness. It also helps that CBD oil can give pain relief.

However, before you administer CBD oil to your pet you must read the label first. CBD oil can sometimes have traces of THC. This is the compound that let humans have the psychedelic experience but this is deadly to any pet. There are also other CBD providers that mix this with other chemicals which may not be good for your pet. Always go to your veterinarian first before giving your dog any kind of medication. The vet can also give you the proper dosage depending on your dog’s case. Once you have established its safety and dosage, then you can use CBD oil to your pet dog.



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