Why are brand guidelines so important?

One of the key elements of a successful company is its brand. When a brand has been developed and cultivated over time, it should speak for itself and help transform your business into a profitable powerhouse.

As a brand that has enjoyed success already, it’s important not to neglect your brand guidelines. These guidelines serve as the blueprints or the DNA of a company’s look, feel and tone. If done well, these guidelines should empower a strong image and envelop the message your brand is trying to convey, so whenever a consumer sees your logo or even your chosen colours, they’ll make a connection to your company. Something which should evoke a positive reaction.

Frustratingly as a company begins to grow even further, it doesn’t take much for these brand identity guidelines to become blurred and even neglected.

What do brand guidelines include?

Brand guidelines can include a wide range of things, however, the most common features include strict rules on:

  • The company logo
  • Taglines
  • Company colours
  • Fonts and typeface
  • Backgrounds
  • Company mission
  • It’s core values
  • Tone and personality

So, why are these features so important? Read on to find out more.

Brand consistency

A crucial element within business is trust. Trust between your customers or target demographic and your company. Without it, clients will never want to make a purchase or part with their money. One of the best ways to build trust is with a strong, consistent brand image and your brand guidelines will help you achieve this. By sticking rigidly to the rules of your brand, every time a customer visits your website, opens an email or spots a shopping bag with your logo on it, they’ll be able to make the connection to your brand.

Why wouldn’t they trust a company who takes such pride in their identity?

It keeps everything cohesive

Everything from the spacing between your logo and your phone number to the specific colour gradient you use on your social media buttons on your website is all covered in your brand guidelines. You and your creative team may know this inside out, however, the thousands of other employees within the business may not. By sticking to these rules and by having DAM software at your disposal, businesses can maintain a cohesive look and keep the brand looking professional.

Your value skyrockets

A strong brand image looks expensive. So by simply sticking to your brand guidelines, you can add value to your company’s image. This kind of image is priceless as the more expensive and high-end your company looks, the more reliable and trustworthy it is perceived to be. This alone can transform curious shoppers into converted consumers.

And finally, it saves a lot of time

Adhering to your brand guidelines means a better company image. However, when you have numerous marketing and social media campaigns on the go, as well as product launches and other on-brand content to nurture, sticking to them isn’t always easy. By having a specific brand guide that details all your guidelines, every workflow within the company will benefit and maintain a strong, consistent image.


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