How a healthy diet plan can balance hormones

If you want to keep your hormones in sync, eating healthy is what you should consider.  Your body has over 200 hormones, and each hormone carries a message to your body and your mind. Eating healthy food helps those hormones to function well. The name hormone was derived from the Greek word hormao meaning “I excite”. 

Now you understand why hormones are responsible for the part of your brain that brings excitement to your body.  However, people who are stressed tend to have weaker immune systems, no matter how much healthy food they eat. Even so, if you have been diagnosed with hormone imbalance by expert of hormone balancing like Dominique Fradin Read; there is certain food you should avoid. 

Food to avoid

While it goes without saying that you should avoid things like energy drinks, cakes, coffee, Chocolates, alcohol, processed meat, artificial sweeteners, and white bread. There are certain vegetables and fruit that you should eat in moderation. They include tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, dried fruit, and peppers. What’s bad about all these aforementioned foods is that they can induce inflammation in your body. Vegetables such as kale are even linked to thyroid-related complications.


Any meat that is rich in saturated fats should be avoided at all costs. What this kind of meat does on your body is stimulate estrogen that will ultimately worsen your hormonal imbalance. 

What you should eat

Instead of eating red meat, why don’t you try incorporating a protein diet that consists of eggs and fish? Yes, wild-caught fish and eggs are good for your hormones! Tin fish is also not bad compared to other processed meat. While at it, make a point that you eat plenty of green vegetables such as spinach, peas, and green beans.  

And use only olive oil, organic spices, and sea salt when you prepare your meals. Additionally, consider coconut oil as it contains lauric acid, which is beneficial for hormonal stimulation. Also, make sure that you eat lots of avocados. Avocados are rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, B vitamins, and folic acid;  ingredients that will play a big role in maintaining hormonal balance in your body. Moreover, make sure you eat soaked nuts, olives, and seeds. 

But before you can eat any of the above-mentioned food, first make sure that you really suffer from hormonal imbalance. There are many doctors specializing in hormonal balancing who are able to help find solutions to balance your hormones. 

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