MBA is a very lucrative degree. It allows students to hone their skills in their respective fields, become more productive, and move forward in their careers. Because of globalization and the availability of the newest technologies, organizations everywhere are always searching for creative and talented individuals who can help them grow. Schools, universities, and colleges know of this scenario. It is why they are offering courses in different fields. They want their students to develop the skills necessary to apply for their dream jobs when they graduate.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or someone already working at an organization, an MBA degree will give your career the boost you are after. It is a perfect choice for students who want to take responsibility and are not afraid of risks. In theory, such programs include management, marketing, finance, and economics. However, one subject does not get precedence over the other. What if you want to enroll yourself into an MBA program and get a specialization in a specific field such as economics or marketing? There are a plethora of MBA programs that will allow you to earn a degree you fancy. Today, we will take an in-depth look at some of these programs.


With an MBA in accounting, eligible candidates learn about crucial financial functions such as investment management, bookkeeping, and corporate budgeting. Furthermore, they will also develop team-building and leadership skills. It will help them with leading and managing the finance department of an organization. Also, when going for an MBA in accounting, students will hone their strategic and executive skills. These skills will help them with recognizing, analyzing, and comprehending the various dimension of the workplace. The program will usually last two years. You can also go for an online MBA accounting or choose to enroll in a campus-based one.

You will also need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. It includes previous work experience and a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting. Once you graduate, expect an average salary of 75,000 dollars per year when working as an accounting manager.


An MBA in marketing deals with teaching students about the market. It includes analysis, research, pricing, product design, product promotion, distribution, and other related marketing concepts. It is the perfect choice for individuals going after an administrative or marketing position in an organization.

After graduating from this type of MBA, you can work as a marketing manager, sales director, or marketing director. However, that will depend on your level of expertise and experience in the field. Usually, the program will last two years or four semesters. You will need previous working experience and a bachelor’s degree in marketing to be eligible for such a program. The average salary for a marketing position such as a marketing director is around 79,000 per year.


A master’s degree in human resources is one of the most popular degree choices among business students. This type of business degree will allow students to learn about business strategies, employee management, business administration, and many more business-related aspects. It will let students hone their HR skills and take them to a level of mastery.

The curriculum will include business law, negotiation techniques, organizational behavior, and managerial finance. It will take you around two years to complete an MBA in human resources. Prerequisites of such a degree include previous working experience in the HR department and a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or accounting. After graduation, expect an average salary of 66,900 dollars per year while working as a human resources manager.


A master’s in international business is the most rending degree of the 21st century. It is gaining popularity amongst the youths of today. It is because organizations around the globe are hiring individuals that hold such a degree so that they can have a representation at a global level. This degree teaches students the aspects of foreign trade, import/export generation techniques, and foreign market research. It equips them with the knowledge to overcome the challenges of international trade restrictions, communication with other countries, and global economics.

To enroll in this type of degree, you will need a bachelor’s degree in business administration and coursework prerequisites in economics, finance, and accounting. The jobs you can apply for with an MBA in IB include marketing director, government affairs director, or business development manager. The average salary can range from around 100,000 dollars to 196,000 dollars per year, depending on your job title.


A master’s in entrepreneurship is the perfect fit for individuals looking to start their own business or investing in an already existing one. However, it is a type of degree that requires ambition and perseverance. Students will learn about all the skills, networks, and knowledge needed to become a champion entrepreneur.

After earning the degree, you can start your business, or you can work for an organization. The prerequisites include a bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, economics, or accounting. Also, previous working experience will be a plus point while filling in your degree application. Expect a salary of around 87,000 dollars working as a managing consultant.


Whichever MBA specialization you go for, ask yourself one thing first. Can you juggle your education with your work and personal life? If so, then do not hesitate and enroll yourself in an MBA degree of your choice. After all, it will provide you with never-ending benefits in the form of skills and the latest business techniques to drive your career to new heights.



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    I agree with the fact that first of all, you need to think about whether you can successfully complete a master’s degree while balancing difficult studies with work and personal life? If your answer is yes, try your hand at a field of science that interests you. It’s great that we can gain useful knowledge.

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