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Add to Cart: A shopper’s guide to buying appliances online

Too lazy to go out? It’s good that online shops that do door to door deliveries are already here to cater to your needs. But how can you make sure that you won’t get scammed? Buying home appliances online has its’ pros and cons. Still, it is undoubtedly more convenient for everyone, especially for those who can’t find the time to physically visit stores to check the product specifications.

This article is dedicated to every first-time online shopper that is either scared or too meticulous to put their order. Here are some important things you should know about online shops:

  1. An accessible mobile app or website – Many people overlook this aspect, but this is very relevant. The website’s layout should be user-friendly—good graphics and animations, and very easy to navigate. You can find what you’re looking for very easily.
  2. Competitive shipping and promo options – Check their free shipping, cashback vouchers, etc. It’s always good to save every penny that you have. Different sites offer various bundle sets and discounts, so it’s better if you browse more before you finally decide on what to get.
  3. Good quality photos – Are the photos actual or just 2D, 3D prototypes? To check the appliance’s look, you need a high quality and complete set of images. How will you shop for a refrigerator if you just saw a picture of its exterior look?
  4. A very detailed product description – For some people seeing pictures of both the interior and exterior of the product is enough. But to further make sure of the products’ performance, check its product specifications. Some home appliances require a specific number of watts or voltage that needs to be met. So, it’s important to check these details. It’s not only to give importance to the products’ value but for your safety as well.
  5. Check customer reviews – Always check customer feedback. Here you can see which aspect of the online shop is either effective or ineffective. You can see if they’re responsive to customer concerns, such as courier problems, damaged or defective items.

For some people, they fear buying home appliances online because of not having assurance. In some cases, even if the customer rates are good, there are still unfortunate events and circumstances out of the shop’s control. Here are some safety precautions that you should do to avoid such online shopping issues:

  1. Excellent customer service and shop guarantees – Check if their response to customers is exemplary. And there are also shops that offer some insurance of money back to assure you of the product and shop’s integrity.
  2. The authenticity of the shop – Always check if the website is verified. And if it helps, use a website that is familiar to you.
  3. Safe shipping and payment method – Most of the time, damaged or couriers cause defective items. So, check if their available couriers are efficient. And they should have a wide and safe payment method available.

Check it out before checking out

In general, online shopping is just a few of the conveniences that technology has given to humanity. It has widened the reach of business and trade, especially now during a pandemic. For our safety and faster way of living, let us be techy but not tacky.


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