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How Effective Are Different Air Purifiers in Getting Rid of Indoor Smoke?

There are several types of air purifier for smoke on the market. Each one will have advantages and disadvantages. Although one type may be good at filtering one kind of pollution, it may not be as good as filtering other types. The challenge of removing smoke from cigarettes and tobacco from the air is that it consists of two types of pollution: a particular matter and volatile organic compounds.

Ozone generators and ionizers

If your goal is to remove indoor smoke, you may want to steer clear of ozone generators and ionizing filters. Ozone generators purposely add ozone to an area. Ionizing filters, on the other hand, add ozone as a byproduct of the ionization effect. By itself, ozone is a toxic pollutant, especially in high concentrations. Experts found that these filters create harmful amounts of ozone. Even if an air purifier for smoke is efficient at removing smoke in an area, it is not the ideal choice for improving indoor air quality.

UV-based air purifiers

These air purifiers treat the air via UV radiation to kill viruses and bacteria. But it is not efficient against harmful compounds such as tobacco and cigarette smoke. In many cases, these are not powerful enough to do as claimed. You may want to steer clear of these products as well.

HEPA filter air purifiers

Some air purifiers have mechanical filters that utilize HEPA filters. These are proven to remove almost 100% of all particles that are .3 microns in size. It is extremely effective against particulate pollutants. It can remove the visible smoke residue of cigarette smoke and can mitigate the smell. However, it is not effective against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic gases in cigarette smoke, which is the worst part. Utilizing a HEPA filter alone is not sufficient to clear the tobacco and cigarette smoke in your indoor areas.

Gas-phase filter air purifiers

Gas-phase filters utilize material such as activated carbon to trap gaseous molecules. Because of this, they may be efficient in eradicating some forms of VOCs. On the downside, it can be quickly used up or saturated since the gas molecules take up every attachment point in the filter. It may require constant replacement. They must also be tailored to specific molecule types, so one gas phase filter is not enough to eradicate all VOCs in tobacco smoke.

PCO air purifiers

These types of purifiers are an earlier version of the PECO air purification system. It utilizes a catalyst not just to eradicate pollutants from the air but to destroy them. However, the design of PCO purifiers works too slowly to clean indoor air efficiently.

Enhanced PECO technology

There are products on the market that enhance the shortcomings of both PCO and PECO technology in air purifiers. It effectively eliminates particulate pollutants and VOCs coming from cigarette smoke. It effectively cuts down foul odour and the harmful side effects of secondhand smoke.


No air purifier can completely eradicate cigarette smoke residue from an area that was smoked in for months and even years. It is crucial to apply a concerted effort to clean indoor air by having the best air purifier possible and even quitting smoking in the house. You must clean and sanitize your indoors to get rid of the smell. Allow fresh outdoor air in by opening the windows and taking down all the curtains. Regaining the air quality in your home will require you to apply interventions besides installing an air purifier.


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