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4 Useful Tips on Caring for Your Mountain Bike to Maximise Your Investment

If you are a serious biker, you should know that a good mountain bike comes with a hefty price tag. They are tailored to perform high-demand tasks and navigate through perilous terrains. Depending on your needs, you can shop for a dual-suspension bike to avail support on those rough trails, or if you want a faster ride, you can opt for a limited suspension if you are travelling on smoother trails.

In terms of material, you can pick from aluminium, steel, carbon fibre, and titanium. Titanium mountain bikes command a steep price because they attain lightweight without compromising on durability. The next most expensive material is carbon fibre, even though it has become quite a common choice of material for mountain bikes nowadays.

You can find a mountain bike starting at $300 although it is not recommended for performance riders. On average, they spend more than $1,000 on modifications to reduce drag, cut on weight, improve suspension and shifting, and greater durability.

So before browsing ‘mountain bikes for sale’ online, you must know how to care for a mountain bike to extend its lifespan and to obtain maximum benefit from your investment. Here are some of the tips on how:

  1. Do Not Pressure Wash

High-pressure will quickly wash off the grime, dirt, and caked mud after an intense ride. However, it is not recommended since it can also take the lubricant and the grease from the moving parts, particularly the bearing, thereby shortening their lifespan. Although it is relatively cheap to replace the bearing, it can also be dangerous if you are in the middle of the ride and it gives way. If you are going to pressure wash your bike, make sure to use the lowest setting.

  1. Lather and Clean

The best way to clean is to lather your mountain bike and scrub the stubborn dirt with your hands. The method can be more time-consuming as you need to get in there to clean the cogs and the chain. The drivetrain, which includes the chain, chainrings, cassette, and the derailleurs, can be cleaned with soap and water. However, it’s wise to use WD-40 or another degreaser to spray the drivetrain to remove the excess oil and grease. Use long bristles for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as the chain links, teeth, sprockets, and even tires.

  1. Inspect

While you are cleaning your bike, give it a thorough inspection. Prepare a basic checklist, which you can download on the Internet. So, you check the tire pressure, crank arms, pedals, quick-release of the wheels, stem and headset, and the chain. You need to apply lubricant on the chain immediately after each ride, particularly if you have been out for at least two hours.

  1. Maintain

Before looking up ‘mountain bikes for sale’, you have to take into account the service cost, especially if you have no idea how to do it yourself. The bike has to exhibit optimum performance so that you do not lose your brakes while traversing those steep drops and inclines. You need to bring in your bike for a service to check on the frame and suspension every six months. You also need to bleed the hydraulic brakes every three to six months.

As an added tip, it will be better if you set up a washing station in your house. Create natural irrigation for the dirty water to wash away. It will allow you to quickly clean and maintain your bike without making too much of a mess.


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