Super Bowl Sunday 2021 – How Will You Spend It?

I absolutely love this time of year.  Super Bowl Sunday is a huge event in our house.  First because my husband always played football in high school and college and second because our daughter was born on Super Bowl Sunday 02/06/05.  We used to refer to it as Sephora Bowl Sunday but this year she will be sixteen and me tell you she is totally over that term – although she still loves the Super Bowl.  She was literally born during halftime – like she knew how important the game was for my husband.

This year is Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay and somehow, miraculously, still with Tom Brady in the 55th Super Bowl!  Kickoff will be this Sunday, February 7th at 6:30pm EST and they will be playing in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida.

From my perspective – ever since I went to college for my Masters Degree and focused on marketing – I care about the commercials. Sure the game is exciting, especially when it is a close game.  But the commercials!  The beer commercials are always some of the best of the game and I always look forward to them.  Some beer companies like Melvin Brewing even have scholarship programs.

What else is great about the Super Bowl – well going of course.  But if you are not lucky enough to be able to attend in person, parties and food at home are the best!  This year due to the pandemic there will be no parties in our house but definitely plenty of food.

Here are some of our favorites:

Pigs in a blanket – simple croissant dough wrapped around mini hot dogs and baked

French Fries – from scratch in the air fryer cooked to the perfect crispiness with just a little olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe even some garlic powder.

Cinnamon Toasted Pecans – these are a huge hit with all of us.  Sometimes I make them with sugar and other times a artificial sugar blend.  Nothing like the full sugar version though.

Nachos – lots of love goes into these nachos!  We use the largest pan we have and split it up into four sections.  A section for each desire.  Ingredients include anything from refried beans, taco meat, onions, salsa, guacamole, olives, black beans, sour cream, lettuce, and anything else we can think of.

Chili – this is one of my favorite things to make and not just for the Super Bowl.  Chili is so incredibly versatile and there are so many ways to make it.  It really isn’t even possible to make a bad batch of chili!

Three Bean Salad – this is my favorite!  It involves black beans, small red beans, mexicorn, scallions, cumin, olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic powder etc…

Burgers/Veggie Burgers – I tend to stick to the more vegetarian type of foods so a nice vegan burger is perfect.  However, the rest of the family is all over regular burgers.

Hummus and pretzel crisps – okay so this one is specifically for me but along those same lines the family loves chips and dips.

Wings – spicy, sweet, barbecue – you name it!

What are your favorite Super Bowl Sunday foods?


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