Morganna’s 24K Glow Face and Skin Cream

I grew up never having to worry about my skin.  Never wore much makeup and never thought about it.  However, as I am in my 50s now and have had decades of hiking, biking, swimming (chlorine and salt), camping etc…, my skin is needing some serious TLC.

My skin is definitely dehydrated – I pay attention to how much water I consume daily more now than I ever have before.  As usually happens with age my face now has slight blemishes and some dark spots.  I was desperately looking for something to smooth out my skin tone.

Additionally, I have lost almost 40 pounds and am still losing – any help I can get to help firm up my skin is much appreciated.

Your Skin:

This Morganna 24K Glow Face and Skin Cream is amazing.  My skin is more firm with even pigmentation.  My dark spots and signs of sun damage are no longer visible.

I simply use the pump and a small amount gets applied to my face and neck morning and night.  I use it before any makeup in the morning to moisturize my skin prior to makeup application.

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