Staying Safe In Winter Weather

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Winter in New England is officially here.  I think we are on our fifth snowstorm with more expected tomorrow and again on Saturday.  February is the worst month for snow and usually by this time of year we are all fed up with it and its cleanup.

But the struggle is more than just the cleanup.  Trying to keep surfaces dry and free from ice is an insurmountable challenge for sure.  I recently had rotator cuff surgery and already fell on the ice once in the first storm.  So far my husband hasn’t fallen but has injured himself twisting while trying to catch himself from falling – not sure which is worse.

So now I don’t go outside without these Ice Cleats.

These are amazing. I can now confidently shovel and clean off the vehicles after a storm.  My feet will not go sliding out from under me and I can even drive with these on.

These Ice Cleats are very easy to put on – simply slide your toe in and pull up from the bottom over your heel.  They will fit over sneakers, boots  and any flat footed shoe so that any pair of footwear will become safe and are available in four different sizes.

The studs are made of steel to provide the greatest traction possible and include 10 extra replacement studs – though I have never had to replace any.


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