The Scepter Military Water Can – Essential For Emergency Planning

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It seems like everywhere we go lately there is some sort of natural disaster.  The last few years have held devastation from hurricanes in Florida, Puerto Rico and so many other places then rampant wildfires in California followed just several short weeks later by deadly mudslides.  Where I live we went through 16 straight days (record) of subzero temperatures and a blizzard followed by 60 degree temps, rapid melting and widespread floods.  It is very clear that everyone needs to have some sort of emergency preparedness plan.  Fortunately in my past career I managed the risk for our public school district – risk is always on my mind.

You need to know your emergency – is it a hurricane, tornado, wildfires, flooding etc…?  Many of the precautions are the same but many are different.  I’d like to say in Connecticut we don’t need to worry about earthquakes but actually we have had some.  We camp seasonally in Maine and we have even had them there.  No one is totally immune.

One thing you will always need is a supply of clean water.  Sure we all know to fill a bathtub in the event of a weather crisis but what if you need to be on the move?  How will you have clean and safe water with you when you are “on the move”.

What is the solution?  The Scepter™ Military Water Can is just what you need and they are finally available to the general public.  They have been used by NATO Allied Forces for 30 years – with good reason!

These water cans are dependable, virtually indestructible containers that are up to the task of camping trips, sports expeditions and boating.

When I first learned of these water cans I had two immediate plans for them – providing water to my horses during these crazy winter months when all the water pipes at the barn are frozen.  Giving them water has always been a struggle but these cans are 20 liters, large opening with a pouring spout, heavy duty handle and slim enough that I can easily put a whole row of them in the back of my car or even more in the rear of my husband’s pickup truck.  But we can also use them camping.  While camping we cannot safely drink the tap water – but we can bring clean water with us.

Made from rugged high-density polyethylene, the 20-liter (5-gallon) Military Water Cans are BPA free, which keeps chemicals, odors and tastes out of your water. The corrosion- and fungus-resistant containers keep water clean and safe. The best-in-class water cans also withstand extreme weather conditions.

Millions of these containers have been used around the world by our Armed Forces. These cans keep water free of contaminants, so they’re ideal for long-term storage in the home, camper, boat or secondary location.

The easy-to-carry Military Water Cans can empty up to five gallons of water in under seven seconds through the four-inch wide cap opening. There’s also an optional dispenser spout for when needing to slowly fill up a cup or small bottle. Containers are available in American Sand and American Green colors.

Made in North America, Scepter Military Water Cans are available from Amazon, Walmart®, Grainger®, Tech Supply and Services, Bottom Line Military Sales, Lexington Container Company, DS Tactical and

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