Peeking into the Dino Life

Dinosaurs, despite being extinct billions of years ago, are one of the most famous species in the world. The dinosaur fame started with the discovery of dinosaur fossils in the last century. The discovered fossils were very much different from the life forms that exist in contemporary times. Their size was exceptionally large and their giant skeleton stirred curiosity among the scientists. More and more scientists devoted their efforts to the study of Dinosaurs. They tried to contemplate past events and to relate the stories told by Dinosaur fossils and other shreds of evidence to their extinction. The scientists, at last, concluded that this species existed millions and billions of years ago and then it got extinct. It happened because of the drastic changes in the ecosystem. This disastrous shift ended upbringing such consequences that the environment challenged the survival of Dinosaurs, and that’s how they ceased to live.

Role of the creative creed:

After the scientists had played their part in investigating the existence and extinction of this mighty species, it was time for the creative creed to bestow life to this long-extinct species. The dinosaurs’ fossil discovery and the story of their extinction fascinated the writers and they took the pledge to exercise their imagination to come up with stories of a world where dinosaurs still existed. Writers penned down the stories of the revival of the dinosaurs and the havoc created by their return. Artists used their imagination to depict the existence of Dinosaurs in their paintings giving them a physical look. Motivated by the writers and the artists, the filmmakers and directors started working on the filming of stories revolving around dinosaurs. The most successful attempt was made by the makers of the Jurassic Park franchise, who produced the three highest-grossing movies of their times. The success of these movies proved to be the chief step in spreading information about this extinct species throughout the world. The Dinosaur enthusiasts and the Jurassic Park fans have been in love with the idea of witnessing the dinosaurs alive and experiencing life with the existence of Dinosaurs. Scientists have investigated the history and lives of Dinosaurs more and more by relating past events to each other. This has encouraged manufacturers like Only Dinosaurs to market dinosaurs themed products like Realistic Dinosaur Costumes and Dinosaur Puppets.

Evolutionary study:

The fame attributed to Dinosaurs is not only because of the fictional stories that revolve around them but also because of their importance in evolutionary studies as well as their association with history. The life of dinosaurs is an important aspect of the study of earth history. Generally, all of the students, even those in the early years of education, and more specifically, the students in fields of biological sciences particularly studying evolution and earth history need to have knowledge about the life of dinosaurs and how they got extinct. Moreover, dinosaur enthusiasts and Jurassic Park fans are always very curious to know more and more about the lives of dinosaurs and the story of their extinction. Although there are encyclopedias and books present eliciting the life history and extinction story of the Dinosaurs but the written content cannot be as effective as witnessing something with eyes. Although many movies are based on the lives of the dinosaurs and revolve around their existence they contain unnecessary thrill at times and thus they do not convey exactly true information.

Interesting Solution:

This shortage can be fulfilled by using the Realistic Dinosaur Costumes like those available at Only Dinosaurs and arranging short skits and stage performances for educational purposes. It is better to give students a live sneak peek into the Dinosaur world rather than a pictorial representation or written explanation. Teachers or course demonstrators should arrange skits that make the use of Realistic Dinosaur costumes to give a live experience of how dinosaurs lived and how they got extinct.

The Realistic Dinosaur Costumes available at only Dinosaurs are beguilingly similar to the image that would’ve been of real dinosaurs if they existed. Not only are they very genuine looking, but these Realistic Dinosaur Costumes also come with such features that aid them in behaving like real Dinosaurs. Only Dinosaurs have such realistic dinosaur costumes that can move their limbs and blink their eyes. Their movements are very flexible and aid them in running and walking. Moreover, they are even capable of moving their jaws which can open and shut. These realistic dinosaur costumes are also equipped with realistic sound effects.


Such realistic dinosaur costumes can be used to present a skit on the life story of the dinosaurs and how they got extinct. Watching it live can help the student understand it better. Moreover, such realistic dinosaur costumes are easily available at manufacturers like Only Dinosaurs. If the demonstrator does not have enough budget to buy these costumes, then Only Dinosaurs also provides the option of renting realistic Dinosaur costumes in collaboration with their customers. So, these costumes can be rented for the skit and can be returned after the demonstration. Not only the demonstration can elicit the lives of dinosaurs but their extinction can also be elicited through the skits.

Such skits serve a dual purpose; they give one knowledge about earth history and also spread awareness regarding a serious contemporary challenge I.e. preservation of the endangered species and nature. The extinction of dinosaurs shows that the changes in the ecosystem and shifts in natural balance can have drastic consequences. These changes once resulted in the extinction of a ferocious and mighty species. Although this shift was natural at the time of Dinosaurs, this time, we are leading to such a shift again by disturbing the balance of nature. The ozone depletion and melting of glaciers are some of the aspects of the disturbance in nature. If we continue the abuse of natural resources, a destructive event similar to that which leads to the extinction of Dinosaurs can occur once again. This change in atmosphere will not only affect other species, but it can also lead to the extinction of the human race. The message of saving endangered species can also be preached, as people would not want other species to get extinct just like the dinosaurs.

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