Why Breastfeeding Is So Important

Biological Sustenance Has Clear Advantages

There are people who have said breastfeeding is bad for children. Let’s get this out of the way: they’re wrong. Breastfeeding has clear advantages, and not only for the baby, but for the mother as well. These advantages are direct and indirect, and if you don’t believe that, this writing will present some evidence for you to consider.

Health Benefits For The Baby

Benefits of breastfeeding your baby extend beyond early childhood and into later life. Here is a list of several you may want to think about. Beyond those listed at the link, you can expect a reduction in allergies, eczema, and asthma among children who are breastfed. Also, cancers to which children are subject are reduced. Leukemia and lymphomas are curbed.

Both types of diabetes are less likely in breastfed children. A child that is fed with breast milk will have a reduction in Crohn’s disease and colitis. Instances of illnesses related to respiratory systems are curbed. Orthodontic issues are similarly reduced, and breastfed children have less problems with speech impediment overall.

Health Benefits For The Mother

Even more deeply and surprising than baby benefits are those which mom experiences. Here’s the information consolidated in a single source, but in brief, mothers recover from childbirth faster and with greater ease.

Oxytocin is released during the act, returning the uterus to its normal size while simultaneously acting as a reducing agent in terms of postpartum blood loss.

Breast and ovarian cancer issues are reduced through breastfeeding. Also, just as babies are less likely to become diabetic, mothers who breastfeed are at decreased risk. Arthritis of the rheumatoid variety is said to be lessened, as are diseases that are cardiovascular in nature. You can expect blood pressure to be more healthy, and cholesterol to be less of a problem.

Also, menstrual cycles experience a slight delay, making it possible to keep from becoming pregnant again immediately after birth. In fact, the link at the top of this section points out exclusive breastfeeding can be used as a means of contraception. This requires the child to be feeding day and night, and to be less than six months in age.

Breastfeeding Advocacy From Professionals

Something that should be considered here is that groups such as these IBCLC-credited lactation consultants strongly advocate breastfeeding, and for multiple reasons. It’s good for the mother, and it’s good for the child. Also, there’s a mutual positive psychological effect in terms of the bonding between a mother and her newborn.

Since this is something perfectly natural, and indeed central to motherhood, it’s definitely worth doing right. But the rough part about breastfeeding is, though natural, it’s not without complication. Babies don’t always latch. Sometimes milk production lags. Sometimes after feeding, a mother will be very tired. These things can be difficult.

Getting a consultant on your side helps you know what is or isn’t natural, and how best to do the job right. Sometimes you’ve got a baby that is born with a tooth, and if you’re going to properly feed the little tyke, you have to use breast pumps to get nutrients out of yourself for when the newborn needs it. Breastfeeding consultancies can help you in such situations.

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Breastfeeding is good for you as a mom, it’s good for your newborn child, and it’s something that can be very natural. However, complications definitely exist, and if you’re going to outpace them, you definitely want to get consultants on your side. So plan on breastfeeding, but be careful to acquire the help you need, also.


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