Tips to Crack IBPS RRB Reasoning Section

Thousands of aspirants from around the country appear for the IBPS RRB exam each year. The exam has various sections, but one of the sections that make the candidates quite nervous is the Reasoning section. The questions from the reasoning section are not very straightforward. Rather than merely reading a book, the candidate has to answer the questions using their logic and analytical prowess. A candidate’s needs in this section are practice because it is one of the paper’s highest-scoring sections. Make sure you go through the IBPS RRB reasoning syllabus properly before you appear for the exam.

Here is what you can do to get good marks in this section which will significantly increase your chances of qualifying for the examination.

  • Vital Sections that you should Cover

The vital sections that the candidates need to master are quite diverse, for there are questions from a wide range of topics. A quick analysis of the question papers of the previous years will give you a good idea.

The main sections are puzzles, syllogism, inequality, Input and output, assertion and reasoning, sitting arrangement, coding and decoding, linear arrangement, data sufficiency, order and ranking, logical reasoning, and blood relation.

  • How to Prepare for the Sections

While preparing for each section, you need to keep in mind that the reasoning questions are designed to test a candidate’s mental ability and observation skills. If you can do that, this section will become the highest scoring section of the entire exam. In the Prelim exams, you have to answer 35 marks for reasoning, while for the mains, it is 50 marks.

To do well in this section, you need to come up with a good strategy. Thoroughly preparing for 8 to 10 hours for the exam will not be enough to qualify, nor will only coaching help you.

The first way to tackle each section is to time yourself. You get about one minute to answer each question. It would help if you focused on answering correctly within a limited time, rather than going for deep learning.

  • Be Wary of Negative Marking

It is essential to read the questions thoroughly before answering them. These questions are not as straightforward as they look, so you need to pay attention while reading them. It would help if you also were wary of taking too many guesses as they could lead to negative marking, and you could lose big marks because of that.

  • Various Sub- Categories

The various sections that you have to master are analogy, logic, number, classifications, series test, cubes and dice, ranking and time sequence, word formation, odd figure out, data sufficiency, cause and effect, statement and conclusion, arithmetical reasoning, syllogism, coding and decoding, blood relations, mathematical operations, statement and assumption and such.

An excellent way to get an idea about each section is to go through the IBPS RRB reasoning syllabus and previous years’ question papers. This will give you a good idea about where to start. Always check if your answers are correct while practising. Appear for mock tests and work on improving your time with each test. By focusing on the vital sections from the very beginning, you are sure to do well in this section.

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