Top Tips on Using Memes to Drive Your Content Marketing

Marketers use memes to create engagement and build a community of users by communicating something that their target audience appreciates to develop a feeling of belonging. By creating and sharing memes that your target market loves and identifies with, you can develop enduring brand loyalty. Some of the best tips for using memes in your content marketing:

Know Your Audience Well

The golden rule for creating content is that it must be understood very easily by the target audience. To ensure this, you need to know the profile of your audience well. Apart from the usual demographic data, you should know the education level, race, language they speak, cultural background, their interests, buying behavior, what media they read and view, and more. The greater the detail you can collect and know about them, the better you will be able to target your memes.

Focus on Being Original 

Even if you are spoofing on a meme image that is already popular, you need to make your message original by relating it in some manner to your brand or target audience. You can strategically use older memes to take advantage of nostalgia, especially among your older audiences to help them to bond better with the brand and be a part of a larger community. Wit, satire, sarcasm, and even humility can be great for creating memes that have the potential for going viral. Go ahead and poke make fun of yourself if you want; it can make humanize your brand and make it friendlier, observes a meme designer at Meme Scout, a leading online meme resource.

Keep Up with the Trends

Successful marketers make it a point to keep on studying the latest trends and quickly create memes to take advantage of the curiosity factor. However, you must make the meme relevant to your brand naturally, so that it works well as your brand voice. The name of the game is to spot the trends early. If you think a meme is dying, it is better not to spend time and effort adapting it, instead, it can be better to wait and harness the next one to make your brand look fresh and eager.

Research before Sharing Your Memes

When you are making a social or cultural comment, you can be inadvertently insensitive to the racial or cultural profiles of your audience. This can be disastrous for marketers as invariably these bloopers get blown up by the media and go viral overnight causing the brand to become a butt of jokes and also face severe criticism. This is why you must research all possible connotations of the meme and the captions you want to use. According to a Forbes report, getting feedback on a meme is recommended before sharing it publicly.


When done in the right way, memes help drive your content strategy. Not only can they help to increase your brand appeal among new audiences but also serve to humanize your brand with humor. However, it is essential to research both your audience and the meme before posting.

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