Acupuncture for Safe and Natural Healing

Acupuncture is an Oriental therapy that originated in China. It is a form of natural medicine that’s widely practiced in China, the United States, and other parts of the world. It’s safe when someone who is trained in acupuncture practices it.

How is acupuncture performed?

When acupuncture is performed, needles are inserted into the skin. These needles are introduced into the skin at certain acupuncture points and then gently swirled and/or moved up and down. They are fine sterilized needles with rounded tips.

Is acupuncture effective?

Several studies suggest acupuncture can help chronic pain in the neck and low-back. Research also indicates it may help ease knee pain from osteoarthritis, and it can lower the incidence of tension headaches and keep migraine headaches in check. Other conditions acupuncture can treat include insomnia, sinusitis, eye problems, digestive problems, and mental problems. The symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment can be relieved or prevented with acupuncture.

What side effects of cancer treatment can acupuncture help manage?

  • Clinical trials have shown that upset stomachs and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy can be alleviated with acupuncture.
  • According to some studies, postoperative pain improved when acupuncture was used in conjunction with standard care.
  • Postmenopausal women who experience joint and muscle pain caused by hormone therapy may get pain relief from acupuncture.
  • Pain, paresthesia, and weakness of the muscles caused by chemotherapy can be alleviated with acupuncture. Randomized clinical trials have revealed acupuncture’s potential to treat chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). Although standard care for treatment of the symptoms of CIPN involving the use of medication can be used, this kind of treatment may not get rid of all the pain, and it can cause a spinning sensation, dry mouth, and sluggish bowel movements.
  • A study revealed that hot flashes experienced by breast cancer survivors were reduced when these women received acupuncture treatments for 12 weeks. Reports from certain studies claim that acupuncture may alleviate hot flashes experienced by patients who have prostate cancer and are receiving androgen-deprivation therapy.
  • Clinical trials have shown that fatigue, which is a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer, was improved with acupuncture.
  • Studies have indicated that dry mouth caused by radiation treatment can be treated and prevented with acupuncture.
  • Several reports and research studies have revealed acupuncture can bring down the swelling associated with lymphedema. It can alleviate the symptoms of lymphedema some people have in their arms and legs.
  • Acupuncture can alleviate or keep side effect symptoms from cancer treatment such as weight loss, coughing, elevated temperature, fear, depression, rectal inflammation, esophageal blockage, problems with speech and cognition, and hiccups from worsening.

Acupuncture can keep you healthy. It can help with the management of several different health conditions. Chinese herbal medicine, which is practiced at wellness offices such as acupuncture Calgary, can be used with acupuncture to further enhance healing.

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