Can CBD Oil Expire


Does CBD oil expire? Well, like every other good thing, your cannabidiol (CBD) oil will also pass. Yes, sadly, that is true. The exact shelf life of your CBD oil usually ranges from one to two years. For your assistance, we have shared some of the things that can affect your CBD oil’s shelf life and what you could do to keep it fresh and prevent it from getting involved. 

Factors Affecting the Shelf Life:

Yes, various factors may affect your cbd oil’s shelf life, such as the type of quality, the ingredients that went into it, or even the smallest factors like how you are storing it. To better understand your CBD oil, we have shared some of the factors that can highly affect its shelf life.

  • Quality is certainly very important when investing in any product since good quality products tend to last for longer periods. It also includes the plants’ quality and the conditions in which the oil was kept during its growing process.
  • Ingredients: this factor is also of great importance since whatever ingredients and flavorings went into your CBD oil’s making have certainly their own shelf life too, which will, in turn, affect the overall expiry of your cannabidiol oil.
  • Packaging: well, yes, if you did not know this already, then packaging of your CBD is also of great importance since it also affects its overall health. It is best to opt for dark-colored amber bottles to store your CBD oil since it helps protect your CBD oil from exposing it to air and sunlight.
  • Storage: storing the CBD oil in the right place is also very important since too much heat or light is said to make your CBD oil degraded, affecting its overall shelf life, so make sure you are storing yours in an ideal condition keep it fresh for a longer time.

How to Tell if CBD Oil Is Affected?

Of course, there are expiration dates to every product we use, but it is still possible for the expiry label to fall off, making your CBD oil expire before its due date. Now, how to know without the title if your CBD oil is affected? Well, few indications can certainly tell you that your oil has expired. Yes, that is right. 

Indications like your cannabidiol oil smelling unpleasant and funky are a great way to tell if your CBD oil has expired since the CBD oil should be smelling pleasant and earthy at all times and should not smell bad at all. If it does, then it’s time to dispose of it. 

Another indication that you must look for is your CBD oil getting thick and darker, yes this is the sign of pure degradation, and your oil is affected. One important thing to keep in mind is you should not mistake your CBD oil’s cloudiness as thickness since it is quite normal for the oil to get cloudy if it was held in a cold atmosphere. It will get normal to its natural color within a couple of minutes at room temperature.

 Another indication is that you can also check the CBD oil’s shelf life by checking its taste. Usually, the oil is said to taste somewhat nutty and earthy, and it should not taste bad or rancid. If it does, then that is an indication that the oil has expired. 


By the end of this article, we hope we have helped you with basic questions related to the expiration of CBD oil and how it can be protected and kept fresh for longer. Make sure you opt for a good quality CBD oil and look out to storing it properly.

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  • Elisabeth

    That’s right, like any other tool, it is better not to use it after the expiration date. CBD is used to improve sleep, for skin diseases or stress, and if you want it to really work – buy CBD Oil here and use it as intended, without exceeding the norm and expiration date.

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