A guide to a healthy old age

Many people equate old age with gradual decline, both physical and mental. However, while there is no way to stop the natural process of aging, by taking certain steps, it is possible to enjoy good health well into your 70s and beyond. To help you take control of your health, ensuring that you are able to enjoy yourself and fully participate in life, read on for a guide to a healthy old age.


Regular exercise really is key to remaining healthy and active for as long as possible, as it keeps your heart strong and core fitness levels up. Don’t worry if up to now you have led a sedentary life – it is never too late to take up exercise and you will soon enjoy the benefits of doing so, such as losing weight, improved cardiac function and flexibility, and a general feeling of strength and fitness. However, as you age your body may no longer be able to cope with the strenuous workouts you engaged in in your youth, and you should consider other forms of low-intensity exercise. Swimming, for instance, provides excellent exercise for seniors as the water supports and protects aging joints from wear and tear. Pilates is another great option as it works to improve balance, flexibility, and strength, all of which can decrease with age.

Move to a senior living community

Senior living communities can really help to keep you active, interested, and mobile, even if you need some assistance in completing daily activities. As they are designed with the needs of older residents in mind, you will be able to easily and safely navigate the complex, using the handrails and mobility aids provided. Healthy lifestyle options are important when choosing a senior living community. According to Brightview assisted living in Rockville, MD, questions you should ask include, “Are there multiple menu options for each meal of the day?” and “Is there a calendar of events accessible?” Furthermore, you will become part of a ready-made community alongside other senior residents, providing you with companionship and a fun social life.

Balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet is key to ensuring that your body remains in good condition and receives all the nutrients needed to make sure it functions properly. Eating an unbalanced diet for a prolonged period can exacerbate certain age-related conditions. For example, a diet that is high in salt and saturated fat could be a risk factor in heart disease.

To keep healthy, make sure that you cut down on processed food, sugar, salt and saturated fat and increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Supply your body with the nutrients to guard against certain age-related conditions; for instance, evidence suggests that omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish like mackerel, protect the brain and could therefore reduce the risk of developing dementia. You may also have to follow a diet designed to control an existing condition, such as a low-sugar diet for diabetics.

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