Training for New Employees On Work Truck Safety

If you’re running a trucking business, making sure that your employees are properly trained is absolutely vital. Working with large vehicles, equipment, and heavy loads can be dangerous, and it’s important to make sure your workers have all the tools they need to work safely and efficiently. Though your drivers will have a certain amount of training just from getting their CDLs, you should also make sure that they know how to be safe and effective outside their trucks as well. Here’s an example of a video that you might use to get them started on safety orientation.

As with a lot of safety videos, most of the stuff here is actually pretty basic and should be covered by common sense. However, it’s still important to drill this stuff into your employees’ heads so they don’t get careless. The most dangerous thing a worker can be is careless, so make sure that safety is always at the forefront of your employees’ heads while they’re on the job.

The first topic that the video covers is PPE or “personal protective equipment.” This might sound a little obvious, but the proper footwear and other equipment are an important part of staying safe while on the job. Make sure your employees are wearing work boots, gloves, and goggles or hard hats when necessary. Always err on the side of caution. It might not be especially comfortable to wear goggles, for example, but it’s a whole lot better than getting something dangerous in your eye. One relevant piece of PPE that wasn’t mentioned in the video is a face mask. For as long as covid-19 is still around and threatening lives, it’s vital to wear a face mask and stay socially distant as much as possible.

Lifting heavy objects safely is another thing that most of us already know how to do, but should be emphasized in workplace safety training anyway, just in case. It’s deceptively easy to injure your back while lifting, and many people don’t take the risk seriously until a back injury happens to them. Keep in mind that it’s pretty much unheard of to know someone who used to have a back injury; once something goes wrong in your back, it can easily become a lifelong issue. Always make sure that you’re lifting with your legs and keeping your back straight to reduce the pressure on your spine, no matter what it is you’re lifting. Even the simple motion of bending over from the waist can put stress on your discs, so crouch as much as you can, even if you’re picking up something light.

The video ends with an extended section on forklift safety, which is something a little less commonly known. Learning to drive a forklift requires its own special training, and forklifts should never be driven by someone not authorized to do so. When working around forklifts, be sure to stay a safe distance away from the forks and the wheels and pay attention to what’s around you. It can sometimes be difficult for a forklift driver to hear people, so it’s up to everyone else to make sure that they’re staying safely away. If you are injured while on a job it is a good ideal to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer like The Accident Guys. When you hire a lawyer they can help you get the settlement you need for rehabilitation, medical expenses, and money loss due to missing work.

Workplace safety training might be the least fun part of starting a new job, but it’s an important part of making sure your employees are ready to work.


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