Futuristic Slot Titles That You Must Play

Looking towards the future is not only a theme for the books and movies, but online slots have also picked up the theme to give you insight into the futuristic developments. So, the futuristic themed games at are highly thrilling because they contain sci-fi motifs, such as aliens, supernatural creatures, technology, science, highly imaginative gadgets and vehicles.

In this article, we are going to engage with the most interesting futuristic slots that you must try and experience the innovation that the online slot industry has touched in the contemporary era.

· Alien Battles: It is one of the futuristic slots’ motifs, where you witness a chaotic battle between Alien and Predators. It is true that, when it comes to the aliens, an intergalactic atmosphere popped into our minds. So, you can find an abundance of slots online that feature the alien theme.

· Dystopia: These online slots present some daring theme where anti-government activities are taking place in the backstreet. However, these slots provide you with a thrill and a rush of blood that makes you more daring to win the prizes out of the game.

· Starfighters and Asteroids: Visiting another planet isn’t a problem anymore because, with the asteroids and starfighter themed slots, you can land at any planet and hit the jackpots.

· Robots and Machinery: Any futuristic imagination is incomplete without robots, so you can find a whole world of innovative machinery in the online slots that you leave in awe!

Must-Try Futuristic Slots Titles

Following are the titles for the futuristic slots that are worth trying:

· Machine Gun Unicorn: This slot machine takes the players into the world of terror and fear created by the zombies, whereas unicorns have to step forward to abort the evil and maintain harmony. Machine Gun Unicorn contains 2-ways paylines, and its bonus symbol brings up a win of 200x of your net bet.

· Astro Magic is another slot that contains the theme of spirituality and astrology while creating space and magic atmosphere at the same time. With its designs, the players have the chance to visit the deep galaxies. As for the rewards, Astro Magic has instant bonus features that reward you with multipliers and free spins. Furthermore, the players can win 4950 coins through its bonus round.

· The Spin Lab take the players to the world of science, which is filled with neo-bright colours. It won’t be wrong to say that his game contains elements from the biology course; you can see the reels featuring molecules, atoms and DNA helixes. Shiny silver element is the scatter symbol, while the wilds are available in the stacked feature. You can enjoy the free spins and bonus rounds in this game, incorporating phenomenal graphics, splendid music and sound effects.

Other futuristic themed slot titles that are worth trying include:

· Cyberslot Megaclusters

· Planet of Apes

· Volts and Bolts

· Orbital Mining

· Cosmic Fortune

Whether you have just started playing online slots or you an experienced player, entering into the world of imaginations, have been our dream, and we always want to associate our personality with innovations. So, by playing these slots, you can make your dream come true (to some extent)!


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