Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs Medical Research Director and Senior Health

Baby boomers are starting to move into the senior population.  The baby boomers are a huge aging population, and we want them to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Without a doubt, you must also have some baby boomers or older in your family that you may need to be responsible for at some point in time.  Do you have a plan?  Have you discussed that plan with them?  

Let’s discuss some possible options to keep our seniors healthy and happy for as long as possible. 

Who Is Considered a Senior?

There is no clear definition of a senior citizen, but generally speaking, it refers to a person who is at least 60-65 years old.  When a person is a senior citizen, it often translates into the person being eligible for benefits of some kind that may not be available to younger people.  

Being senior also means that health can become more of a concern than it was at a younger age.  Body parts start to need a little more TLC, and the simple act of getting out of bed can be more of a challenge than it used to be.  Activities the rest of us that are younger take for granted are problematic suddenly. 

Senior Health

Let’s delve into some ways to maintain and improve a senior’s health.


Younger adults can get away with less than stellar nutritional standards.  However, as we get older, it is essential to put healthy foods into our bodies.  There are many diets out there, but they almost all discuss limiting salt and sugar, fewer carbs, lots of vegetables and fruits, and lean proteins.  


Everyone needs to exercise, but seniors especially so.  Their bodies can get very stiff if not constantly used.  For example, they could end up with very stiff fingers, but if they can use squish balls to keep their fingers moving, they will have a better chance of avoiding that difficulty.  

Fresh Air

We firmly believe that fresh air helps everything!  Seriously, have you’ve ever just sat on the beach?  It is very healing to just hang out on the beach, in the sun, and listen to the waves crash on the shore.  Sunlight and fresh air are often the best prescriptions for what ails you. 


All of us need to have a hobby we love, but it is even more critical for seniors.  It keeps them busy, keeps their minds occupied, and helps them to feel productive.  Additionally, if the hobby includes socialization, it may be the only opportunity for them to socialize. 


Seniors tend to have more appointments than younger persons.  These commitments can be medical, legal, or other.  Their needs may include transportation, companionship, conservatorship, etc. 


Time moves more quickly for seniors.  They are well aware their age puts them past their prime and in a more vulnerable position where they need to rely more on others.  Aging can be a very lonely time for them, and companionship is more important than ever.  While time seems to move quickly, it can also appear to be simultaneously moving painfully slow if they are alone and lonely.  Simple phone calls may be what they look forward to most each day.  Let them know they have someone who they can rely on and trust.  

What Next?

Help seniors in your life maintain medical care and commitments.  Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs works with seniors and shares tips about how they can protect their eyesight.  Seek assistance from the professionals and follow through.  

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