Do Vape Cartridges Even Rot? Read to Know

It is a universal fact that nothing in this world is destined to last forever, and the same is the case with vape cartridges. It is understandable that the product you buy to use in the device, be it marijuana or normal vape juice, comes with an expiry date. You can follow some practices, like keeping it in an airtight container and away from the sunlight, to increase its life. However, you are not increasing its lifespan definitely.

Furthermore, it is significant to know that it does not stay restricted to only marijuana smokers. Many have wondered whether to use an old cartridge or not. CBD is processed and protected from the air. Do they also rot? Even if they do, what could be its consequences on your health?

In today’s article, we will be discussing the know-how of vape cartridges and their lifespan. This guide will inform you if it is safe to inhale an old cartridge.

Learn About Vape Cartridges

The first and foremost point is to understand what a vape cartridge is. Your device consists of a few grams of CBD or flavors in an oil state. It has a high amount of THC and other substances, depending on the stuff you are using. It also contains a metal plate at the end that helps in transforming your stuff into vapors after the battery heats it enough. Smokers inhale it with the help of the mouthpiece.

If your product has THC concentrate, you do not have to fret over lifespan issues. The THC does not lose its effectiveness, and other substances do not evaporate or lose their potency. It does not make the products everlasting.

Transformation of THC with Time

It is important to know that the e-oil is produced with a complex chain of lipids and molecules. You should also understand that vape oil might sustain its effectiveness for a significantly longer period as compared to the bud, but it will still experience degradation over time. The chain will break with the continuous heat of your device. It will turn into little substances. It all depends on several factors.

We understand that the main element of vape is to heat the oil in order to smoke it. However, exposing your stuff to a higher temperature will fasten the breakdown process. Environmental temperature can also affect it. Similarly, exposing your product to sunlight will weaken the buds. It affects the atoms present in the product. That is why it is advised to keep the liquid away from sunlight and too high temperatures.

It is not a hidden truth that your bud is losing its potency and taste with each passing day. It would be best to acquire vape cartridge packaging at the Stampa Prints to double your product’s life. It is durable, sturdy, and made with the finest material at the most affordable prices.

When Does Your Vape Cartridge Rot?

An old vape cartridge normally will not put your body at any severe risk, but we would still advise you not to smoke it since it will lack the taste and potency. It could cause a headache or drowsiness with frequent coughing.

There are many factors that you need to check to confirm the age of the vape cartridge.

It is important to check the viscosity and clarity of the product. Compare it to its original state and check whether it is the same as it was at the purchasing time. It should have a yellow or amber color and not cause any problem when seeing through the liquid.

Please note that if the oil does not have the original color or shows a brown shade, it is confirmed that the product is way past its time and requires replacement. Moreover, thick or slimy oil will also be hard to smoke and will not be as pleasant as you imagine.

Additionally, you should toss it out if the oil is hazy and has formed crystals. Even if you are not experiencing any of the previously mentioned factors, you will have a sour or bitter taste upon smoking an expired product.

Buy a Fresh Vape Cartridge

We realize that vapes are often carried in cars, pockets, or bags and require some preservation level. It is great to buy a syringe kit to fill the cartridge on your own. You can fill the device at a dry and cool place with the exact amount you require to pass your day smoothly. It will keep it potent and effective with a pleasurable taste.

It is important to remember that vape cartridges rot with time, and you have to take care of them for a satisfying smoke experience. Storing them with the points mentioned above will prolong their life up to six to twelve months. Follow this guide to enhance the overall vape experience.


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