How Student Food Differs Around the World

All the countries have their cultural peculiarities that affect all the life spheres. Even though you can find educational institutions in different corners of the world, you will get a unique student experience in each of them. Of course, certain moments will be pretty similar since young people have the same basic needs and requirements. And the food is on the list of the most important issues since you cannot do without it. Student meals will vary since, in most cases, they are affected by the traditional cuisine of the country and local student lifestyle. Thus, while some prefer to takeaway food and consume it on the go, others opt for sit-down meals only.

At the same time, all young people need something affordable, filling, and easy to grab between classes. Whatever country you take, the chances are high that young people do their best to save a penny on their nutrition. Only top-rated academic institutions are attended by students who seldom have financial issues, and even there, you can come across an exception to the rule. If you want to go deep down this question, it is better to read proessaywriting reviews to find a reliable service that will help you get your papers done on time. Thus, you will not find yourself in trouble if you devote your studying time to another activity.


German people treat seriously and meticulously almost everything in their lives, so it is not surprising student food there stands out with quality and affordability. Their academic institutions have great cafeterias where they cook two main dishes daily. Usually, it is about some meat and fish dishes together with a side order. However, vegetarians will not stay hungry either since their food preferences are also taken into account. A student cafeteria usually represents a buffet where you can find sections with different types of food. They charge food by weight, and the price varies depending on whether you are a student or a staff member. You can also get a takeaway order. The choice of dishes is not limited to national, so don’t be surprised to come across Italian or Moroccan cuisine. The daily menu is usually posted on the university’s website, and there is a special department that watches its quality and hygiene. The central cafeteria works only during lunchtime, so if you get hungry at different times, you can grab only snacks and coffee.


The menu in most Spanish academic institutions is greatly affected by Mediterranean cuisine and local traditions, so one can say that Spain students eat healthy food for the most part. The number of student cafeterias at local universities depends on the number of campuses of the educational institution. They are open during the whole working day, so if you want to grab some food from 8 am to 8 pm, you are welcome. The traditional snack consists of a hamburger or a sandwich with ham and cheese.


Many young people globally envy the American student lifestyle since they have a huge number of communities, master classes, open lectures, and interest groups. And it is not a big deal to find room for all these activities in their schedules because it is enough to examine college paper reviews to get a trustworthy helper. Most first-year students live in dorms where they have everything necessary to cook a simple lunch. However, parents usually sign up their kids to an annual meal plan involving breakfast and lunch. Thus, every student gets a special card with a unique code to pay for their food on campus. The menu will differ depending on the educational institution. For example, a community college that doesn’t have large funding offers students French fries, hamburgers, and pizza. At the same time, the Yale university cafeteria offers a huge amount of choice, but the price tag for an annual meal plan will be much higher. Many graduate students prefer to rent apartments and cook meals themselves. The menu will depend on a budget and personal preferences, but many opt for semi-finished products.


Italian young people know how to enjoy food and prefer to eat a full-fledged meal. Food prices are greatly reduced for all registered students, and some scholarships provide free meals at all. It is interesting that some students get discounts depending on the annual income of their families. Usually, student cafeterias offer traditional Italian cuisine that involves pasta, soups, meat dishes, and different vegetables. Besides, Italian students cannot do without pastries and coffee. The latter is especially delicious here, so it is not surprising they cannot reject its consumption.


Most Australian academic institutions host various places to eat, so most people with special food preferences will find something to eat. For example, Melbourne University students can pop in a Japanese cafe, some vegan spots, and cafeterias that offer Italian and American food. Almost all places are open from early morning to early evening, so even if you miss lunch time for some reason, you still have a chance to get some food. Thus, young people can watch their eating schedules and save a pretty penny eating at university since most dishes will have an affordable price tag compared to one in an ordinary café.



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