How to Buy the Right Smoke Accessories


It can be daunting to wander along the bright glass-filled hallways of your favorite smoke store. You must consider a few things before making an investment, like knowing the proper terms, choosing what kind of piece you want, and determining how much you want to pay. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do it. Here are some tips on buying the right smoke accessories.

Must-Have Smoking Accessories

If you are a smoker, you can buy a few items before beginning to smoke. These add-ons will make the smoking experience much more enjoyable than ever. Find below a few of the smoking supplies/accessories;

  • Grinder
  • A lighter
  • A rolling tray
  • Glass pipe
  • A vaporizer

Where to Find the Best Product?

Glass can be purchased in various ways based on where you live. Many states have a range of cigarette shops within easy reach offering varied products. That’s where knowing the terminology comes in handy. It is not right to mention weed in smoke shops in states that are not authorized for commercial use.

That means you can’t tell the seller you want to buy a bong so you can smoke pot without being thrown out. Instead of using the b-word (bong), tell the cashier that you’re asking for a water pipe.

What Is There Isn’t A Shop Nearby?

You can also buy smoke accessories online if you don’t have access to a smoke shop. To stop getting flimsy knockoff glass when purchasing from the convenience of your own home, choose a trustworthy vendor.

Compared to decent glass, cheap glass is usually smaller and more prone to crack when falling or subjected to heat. It’s a wise decision to look for borosilicate glass in a glass piece if you want one that can last a lot longer.

What to Consider Before Buying?

It’s crucial to think of the smoking habits while selecting a water pipe, mug, bong, or one-hitter. A bowl might be a decent idea if you usually smoke alone and need something small and compact. They come in various sizes and materials, like glass, silicone, wood, and ceramic. A non-glass alternative might appeal to you if you’re inexperienced or concerned about wasting money on something you might break. When choosing rolling paper, you’ll want to consider the size and what they’re made of as it affects how fast your blunt is going to burn.

Water Pipes and Bubbler

Water pipes and bubblers benefit from introducing water into the blend, which helps to cool the smoke before inhalation. It softens the blow. A water pipe is a way to go, whether you always smoke in groups or want a more customizable smoking experience. On the other side, Bubblers are a decent solution for those looking for anything cleaner than a bowl but less harsh than a water pipe.

Pro Tip

When it comes to price, tell your smoke shop cashier how much you want to pay because he or she knows what kind of items to show you (they want to assist!) Finally, be aware that you can get what you paid for. If you choose the cheapest alternative, it won’t last forever or offer you the best smoking experience. If you spend on a quality piece, it can last for several years.


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