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You Need A Lawyer – Now What?

You have found yourself in some jam, and you are wondering if you need a lawyer.  Now what?  There are situations when you don’t need an attorney, but generally, if you ask yourself the question, you do.

How do you know if you should hire an attorney for your defense?  The worst thing to do in any situation where you have been accused of wrong-doing is to handle the defense yourself.  The cost of having a record is so huge your defense needs to be planned from the very moment you are charged.

How To Choose A Lawyer

Ending up with a record can impact your employment, future employment, finances, and so much more. Moreover, even if you are found not guilty, the charge can still appear on your record, putting you in a position to defend the accusation for years to come.

It is important to know about a lawyer’s experience. For example, how many cases they won or lost, the type of cases they have experience with, and a backup if your lawyer is unavailable. You also want to know about the reputation of your lawyer and if other attorneys will work with your attorney and the nature of their interactions with potential judges.

There are many possible outcomes for the charges against you.  The result could be anything from no guilty, probation, fines, remediation, community service, and prison time.  Unless you are a legal expert, leave your defense to the experts.

What Can A Criminal Lawyer Do For You?

A criminal lawyer usually specializes in criminal law or even a sub-specialty such as cybercrime.  They don’t just dabble in creating a defense. It is everything they do.  If you meet the eligibility requirements for a public defender, you will be assigned one.  Otherwise, you will hire your own lawyer.


Once the case is assigned to counsel, they will conduct interviews, including interviewing you.  Their goal will be to learn as much as possible about the case.  Please do your part and try to provide as much information in response to their questions as possible.  Be 100% honest in your responses.


Your attorney will also investigate your case by interviewing others involved, police, witnesses, and more.  They will perform a thorough investigation to get a full view of the situation to provide the best defense possible.  Additionally, your attorney can review any information the prosecution has to respond accordingly.


There will be evidence necessary for the prosecution of the case, and your attorney will analyze all of the facts and circumstances.


If your case is to go before a jury, your attorney will participate in the jury selection.  They also have the ability to petition for the removal of a juror if there is a conflict of interest or mitigating circumstances.


The chances are good your attorney has “been there and done that”. So rely on their experience to get the job done.  They also have experience with trials, plea bargains, sentencing, and more.

In Closing

There is no shortcut to having an experienced lawyer by your side if you find yourself on the wrong end of a criminal accusation.  Yes, an experienced attorney can be expensive, but they are far less expensive than the result of not having that experience by your side.


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    Good advice, as usual, thank you for sharing! In fact, each region or country has its own leaders who can help you with many questions. In Dubai, I was lucky to hire a company which solved some problems under corporate & commercial law

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