5 Important Dating Tips for Men

It’d sure be nice if every man were given a practical instruction manual on how to navigate the dating world whenever he was ready to do so, but alas, many men end up flying through the process blind. There’s no reason to do this. You live in a technologically infused era where you have continual access to an army of equally helpful resources from the palm of your hand. Yes, what kind of information you might stumble upon while using your phone can be the difference between landing that next date and completely botching the opportunity before you even had a chance to meet in person.

With that being said, it can be a bit dizzying when you try to figure out which tips you need and which ones you need to ignore at all costs. There’ll always be those slimy dudes out there taking out their sexual frustrations with the world by misleading other dudes who don’t know any better. Well, the good news is that we’ve made sure only to include the essential dating tips that any man would do well to tuck away in his back pocket for his journey through the dating world. Before you know it, you might be meeting the future love of your life off of a dating site that you’d otherwise never have mustered up the confidence to sign up for.

1. Don’t rush things.

Suppose you find yourself seated across from the table with an intoxicating human being who fills your soul with wonder, lust, or maddening anticipation for the things yet to come. In that case, it’s vital to take a minute and breathe. As a human being, of course, you’re prone to daydreaming and fits of excitement. The thing about surrendering to this excitement completely is that you might end up taking things too fast.

While you might feel like you found your soulmate on the first date, absolutely do not present them any rings. No, save the sterling silver jewelry, the rose gold, the dazzling sapphire crystal, and the rest of the alluring loot until you know one another. Otherwise, you might not only scare your date away, but you could end up being taken advantage of and be seen as nothing more than a hearty wallet that’s eager to please. It’s always a good thing to take it slow.

2. Look sharp.

The importance of you donning your sharpest suit, perhaps an eye-catching dive watch, and maintaining a well-groomed face can’t be expressed enough. First impressions are everything in a busy world where everyone’s racing from one thing to the next. If you don’t already have an excellent mechanical watch or dive watch, you can always hop online to take your pick of many nice watches under 500. You don’t have to completely break your bank to secure the watch that’ll leave her eyes lingering over your wrist longer than usual, but a bit of an investment that’s partially outside your financial comfort zone can go a long way.

Plus, an affordable watch can quickly evolve into being hailed as your most sentimental, best watch, especially if it’s the watch that you associate with meeting the love of your life. Just make sure you do your proper homework on which watchmakers you seek out, especially if you end up shelling out the big bucks for an expensive watch. You don’t want to deal with any hiccups like a cheap leather strap or faulty black dial.

3. Maintain activity on your dating profile.

The key to success on any dating site or dating app these days is to put enough time into it. But, of course, you can’t just sign up with your fingers crossed that it’ll all work out in your favor on an acclaimed dating site like Iranian Personals. There may be plenty of attractive Persian singles out there who would love to make your acquaintance. Still, if you’re generally inactive on the dating site, they’ll likely see that you are not entirely interested in actually getting to know them. So, maybe make a routine out of logging into your dating profile to see what’s going on in the sea of hopeful lovers, at least once a day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective this strategy is.

4. Put your phone on airplane mode.

No doubt, we’re all conditioned to be in a state of inseparability from our phones. The thing about this commonly accepted behavior is that it can pave the way for terribly unfulfilling conversations. Active listening is an invaluable skill. It’s impossible to make a connection with someone if you’re busy waiting to talk, or even worse, preoccupied with a stream of sporadic buzzing emanating from your phone. This will only end up making your date feel like you think there are more important things to attend to. Those are not the vibes you want to send out on a date, not at all. So, put the phone on airplane mode. You might even get their phone number when it’s all said and done.

5. Be confident.

Confidence is truly vital. Perhaps you already have a ritual in place that you apply to other facets of your life to rev up your spirits before a big moment. Maybe you meditate to clear your head and get the serotonin rush. Perhaps you get a big run in. Well, put that ritual into motion before you show up for a date. If, for whatever reason, you’re not able to muster up the confidence you feel like you need, then fake it till you make it. Force yourself to smile. Even a forced smile can trick your brain into temporarily feeling more relaxed. A relaxed demeanor goes hand in hand with unwavering confidence.

And with that, we’ve covered five essential dating tips you’ll need to navigate the waters of the modern dating world with nothing short of masterful precision and welcomed results. Just remember that patience is vital, and connections can’t be forced. With time, though, you could find yourself sharing a life with someone who you never imagined would’ve given you the time of day. You’ll get there.


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