5 Web Design Principles You Need to Follow in 2021


Authored by Athena Nagel

Exceptional creativity levels and out-of-the-box thinking capabilities are vital to succeed in the web designing and digital marketing industry. The year 2020 challenged marketing experts to develop and employ innovative marketing strategies and promotional techniques. Stats show that over 73% of the global working population is still working remotely, and the pandemic situation is far from over in most countries.

However, economies are recovering, and businesses are gearing up to resume normal functioning. Vancouver, WA, has witnessed a 4.1% increase in household income since 2019. Several eye-catching web design trends are rising to popularity among experts and businesses working in web design Vancouver WA.

Retro Fonts and Layouts

The web design world is seemingly obsessed with the idea of old, vintage styles and timeless calligraphy. Besides using elegant retro fonts, web design malaysia experts also experiment with vintage theme visual media to give the pages a classy look.

The retro trend is prevalent in the fashion industry. The movement is also resurging in the art and music sector. Design experts are using various presets and filters on images and videos to transform the appearance of the media pieces.

Neon and Fluorescent Themes 

While neon light effects and fluorescent words and symbols are not new trends in the industry, they are gaining new ranks in popularity for web design in Vancouver, WA after it was used by Fort Worth Web Design. Unfortunately, only 13% of Vancouver’s population is older than 65.

Neon themes are appealing to young adults and teens. The template gives the page a very vibrant feel, and several new effects and tools are now available online to perk up the look for web pages and sites.

Augmented Reality Inputs

Stats show that the integration of visual media pieces like HD videos and high-resolution images can improve the conversion rates of websites by up to 53%. However, web designers now work with 3 D images and augmented reality visuals and technology to amp up the pages even more.

As the name suggests, augmented reality gives users a blended experience where the technology superimposes computer graphics on the actual physical world of the user.

Not only are augmented reality experiences attention-grabbing, but they also give users a new, fun experience. 3 D visuals are used to display products. The users can use the scroll-control to examine the product from all angles. Online clothing stores and accessory stores use this technology to improve users’ shopping experience. The users can now “try on” clothes and accessories online.


Minimalistic themes and layouts that are popular in 2021 give websites a very chic, uncluttered look. This trend is popular in the luxury goods market and services market. As a result, the web pages are not popping with information, bright-coloured fonts, or animated images. Instead, simple backgrounds with crisp fonts and minimal decorative inputs make the minimalistic theme or layout. This is something a reputable team of professionals, such as the best Denver web design, can give you a helping hand on.

Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is one of the latest and hottest trends in the web design segment. This visual trend is specifically famous for mobile web designs and works best with touch screen technology.

Find a Professional Web Design Agency

Vancouver, WA, has a thriving economy with a job growth rate of 6.2%. As a result, top-rated web design agencies in Vancouver have extensive knowledge of what web design trends and layouts are most popular among Vancouver residents.


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  1. Ann says:

    The design of commercial websites was previously subordinated to a single goal: to impress the imagination of visitors, business website that generates sales. This is how sites were born that are of great aesthetic value, but, unfortunately, no economic value. This situation has contributed to the establishment of a number of stereotypes about web design, in particular, the stereotype of the complete uselessness of sites in terms of attracting real buyers and making sales.

  2. Veronika says:

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