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Is Your Home Ready To Sell?

The pandemic has had a strange effect on the economy.  All of a sudden, housing prices have risen, and it is definitely a sellers’ market. So if you are on the fence about whether or not to sell your home, now is the time to decide YES.

As a homeowner, you have options when they may not have been the case as little as one year ago.  Do you want to downsize?  Sell your home and purchase an RV?  Since the pandemic, many positions can now be performed virtually. As a result, you can easily choose a career that allows you to be a digital nomad.

Are You Ready To Sell?

To get your home ready for selling, we can give you some tips to get the price you are asking. It is not uncommon to have a home in the middle of a bidding war ABOVE the asking price in this economy.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune for updates to your home to impact buyers’ decisions significantly. Instead, some simple updates to make a space more refreshing and modern can make all the difference.


The kitchen is a room that everyone focuses on.  If you don’t impress prospective buyers with the kitchen and the bathroom (tied for favorite rooms), then you won’t make the sale.  Brighten up the kitchen with new light fixtures with white light.  Fresh cabinets, either through replacement, painting, or new fixtures, will be beneficial and worth the investment.


Fresh paint throughout your home allows prospective buyers to visualize possibilities and how their families can fit into these possibilities.  Stick with light and refreshing colors for vibrant visualization.


Ceilings can be very outdated, but it doesn’t take much to make them new again.  Get rid of the popcorn ceilings, add a medallion around the light fixture, replace light fixtures with ceiling fans if the home doesn’t have central air.


All carpeting should be replaced with fresh new carpeting or, even better, with laminate, vinyl, or hardwood flooring if your budget allows.  Carpeting is full of allergens, and although there was a time when carpeting was the best flooring choice, that is no longer the case.


As stated earlier, the kitchen and the bathroom are focal points for prospective.  No one likes a small, dark, cramped bathroom.  Replace your mirror with a nicer, more ornate mirror to brighten up space.  A gorgeous large mirror can give the appearance of more space.  This is the one area in your home where you should invest money with a full bath remodel.


Make your home inviting for prospective buyers with a calm, well-kept entrance.  Simple furniture, plants, and slight decor improvements will grab the attention of the buyers before they even enter your home.


A well-kept lawn is not necessarily going to grab a buyer’s attention, but the lack of a well-kept lawn sure will.  Mow, rake, trim and sweep all areas around your home.  If you really would like to wow prospective buyers, add some flowers, a full flagpole with lights, and more.  Also, buyers love fully fenced-in yards.  If they have kids or pets, a fenced-in yard could sell the home for you.


Following these simple tips can put your home at the top of a buyers’ list of favorites.



  • megan allen

    This is very helpful and useful advice! The pandemic has made everything harder and unsettling. I hope this post helps someone!

  • Lauryn R

    These are great tips for selling your house, thanks for sharing! Houses are selling for 4x what they are worth where I live now! This is great if your selling, but terrible if your looking to buy like we are.

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