Country-Style Home Decor Ideas for Living off the Grid in Your Cottage

There’s something about country life that has always been appealing to people. It may be because it is so close to nature, or maybe it’s just because of the old-fashioned feeling you get when you see a house in the middle of nowhere with horses grazing outside. The wonderful thing about a cottage home is that it can be customized to fit the family’s needs.

Cottage Home Decor

Cottages are often small and cozy, but they also offer plenty of space for everyone in the family. Whether you need extra bedrooms or more living room space, there are many ways to decorate your cottage home so that it meets your needs. Whatever your reason for wanting a cottage-style home. We have some ideas for decorating your new digs!


Walls in the Surrounding Areas

Cottage homes are simple and often small. A shade of white on the walls perfect for making it inviting and open. Paint all of the surrounding walls a shade of creamy ivory or eggshell white. It never hurts to have a blank background. White walls are the perfect location for artwork, and they also make it easier to keep your cottage clean. With white walls in the surrounding areas and some dark furniture or accent pieces nearby, you will create an airy space that feels like home!

A great way for adding color to your cottage is canvas prints, you want to choose prints that are pleasing to look at and represent your style. Make sure whatever you add to your walls complements your other décor and matches your overall design.

Make it Cozy

If you have never been shopping for cottage-style home décor, it may not be easy at first to figure out which style will work best for your needs and desires. One certain thing is this: the decor should make you feel comfortable in your place. You will need to make your cottage feel like home. And that means you will need some lovely decor! A warm accent wall in shades of yellow or pink is a great way to get cozy. Opt for the cozy furniture and Pakistani rugs on the floor for a cozy and soft feel. There are a lot of ideas and styles to make your cottage feel cozy. One way is to buy some soft, fluffy bedding for the bedroom and living room, so it feels like home when you wake up in the morning.

Give it Personality with Vintage Style

What makes a cottage feel like home is the personality of its occupants. Try finding unique pieces for your space that speak to you and have some personal meaning so they can be constant reminders of what it means to live off the grid. If you want personality, then consider investing in vintage-style furniture for your new abode. This could be a great way to find some local pieces from the market or antique furniture store. If you’re looking to restyle your home on a budget, purchase used furniture pieces from thrift or antique stores that would give it an old-world cottage vibe.

Transform the Space with Paint and Wallpaper

The first way to give your cottage a cozy feel is by painting it in warm, inviting, and comfortable shades. Try out colors like earthy tones with hints of blue or green for the walls, and use warmer colors such as oranges and yellows for the furniture. As a finishing touch, add some light country-style wallpaper to give it that cottage feel without being overwhelming or cluttered.

Break Up Big Spaces with Rugs and Artwork

The problem with many cottages is that they can be very spacious, making them seem less cozy. Break up space into smaller rooms by adding rugs and artwork that create spaces for guests to congregate in or relax. For instance, include living room furniture like a sofa and chair to provide seating for guests. Choose an appropriate wool rugs and curtains with two different window treatments in either string or net fabric.

Wooden Decor and Accessories

Utilize natural decor like wood and other natural materials to give your cottage a sense of home. Add wooden accents such as shutters or window trim, furniture pieces like the coffee table, end tables, or entertainment center with built-in shelving for all those books you have stacked on top. Use accessories in tones of browns, rustic greens, and blues to complement the wood.

Greenhouse Living Room Furniture

If, for some reason, you’re not a fan of wooden furniture in your living room or it’s just too cold outside during winter months, opt for furniture that can withstand being outdoors, like wrought iron tables and chairs with thick cushions. Add plants from your garden inside as well as in the extra space outside.

Wooden Furniture Ideas for Patio or Porch Spaces

If you’re looking to add some country style into your home decor, incorporate textures such as wood and natural fabrics like wool that will keep you warm during the winter months or cool when it’s hot out. Natural colors are a must, with accents of blue and green. Take your deck furniture outdoors and utilize wooden pieces by replacing the cushions with a set of thick, wool blankets to keep you warm during the winter months. Add natural decor in beige, browns, rusty oranges, and reds to complement the furniture. A country house must have a good porch. Decorate the front steps with pots of flowers and potted plants such as geraniums, begonias, ivy, or petunias for an inviting step into your home.

Veranda Decor is a must for Outdoor Living Space

Another way to decorate your country home by adding a deck or patio with a veranda. Add furniture pieces such as benches, bistro tables, and chairs for an inviting place to sit outside. A hanging flower pot filled with colorful blooms will also add some color accenting where necessary. Confetti jars full of artificial flowers and greenery are a quick way to spruce up your veranda decor. Lastly, if you love fresh herbs in cooking, use the space on your deck or patio as an herb garden for easy access. You can add plants such as lavender, roses, and plumbago that will create just enough privacy while still being accessible.

Sum Up

If you are looking for ideas to make your home feel more like the countryside, you may want to look into the country-style decor. This style often includes rustic accents and natural materials that give off an earthy vibe – perfect for living in a cottage or cabin! In this blog, we’ll provide some great examples of incorporating these ideas at home so it feels cozy and welcoming. One thing’s for sure; with our help finding affordable zeigler rugs online at RugKnots, making any room feel the country is easier than ever before. Check out some of our favorite styles on our website!

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