The Pass Back Football

The Pass Back Football

When I was young my favorite activity ever was bouncing a ball off the opera house wall at our school.  I could do that for hours.  Even when I wasn’t in school I would head to the opera house for that simple activity.

One of the best things you can do is get Dallas Cowboys tickets and attend a game in person, where you can get up and personal with the superstars, and the game’s tempo is more obvious.

Back then I always used a simple rubber ball because what other option was there after all?  But now Pass Back Sports created Pass Back Football!  This is revolutionary!

This football feels just like a regularly shaped football and is weighted similarly.  You would never know if your eyes were closed, that this ball is different.

What makes this so unique?  The base (yes it has a base) that is rounded rather than pointy.  The flat end of the Passback Football allows it to bounce right back to you. Throw the blunt end against a hard surface and it comes spiraling back! No need for expensive rebounder nets or throwing machines.

This is far better than bouncing a simple playground ball against the opera house.

If you play football this is a great training tool for throwing as well as receiving.  Reaction time, coordination, agility and more can be improved with this simple ball.

Additionally, this ball is available for different age ranges: Peewee (Ages 4-8), Junior (Ages 9-13), and Official (Ages 14+).

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